5 Reasons to Ditch the Mac and Return to PCs: Debunked!

Seth Weintraub from Computerworld writes:

"Robert Lemos at our sister publication is making quite the little stir with his 5 reason to ditch Mac and return to PCs. Without putting on my fanboy pro-wrestling mask, I am going to attempt to debunk his arguments one by one."

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Yi-Long3947d ago

... and shut the hell up.

Everyone has different tastes and preferences. Some prefer a PC, other prefer a Mac, and others are still using a typewriter and playing boardgames. So be it.

Every system has it's pros and cons. It's that simple.

Personally, I'm a graphic designer, I had to work with Macs for over 3 years on a daily basis, and it just didnt appeal to ME. Other graphic designers however, swear by them.
I prefer the PC, as it's cheaper, easier to upgrade and fix, just as fast or faster than Mac's etc etc. I thought XP was an excellent OS, and Vista aint bad either... but others will prefer the Mac OS, and dont want to bother with upgrades and all that stuff...

The whole discussion about which is better is a waste of everyone's time.

PS360WII3947d ago

I've used PC (Windows) forever just cuz that's what we used. Now that I'm thinking of getting something I'm actually considering a Macbook Pro seems fun and all plus I could always use bootcamp if I need to go back. Plus I read that the Macbook Pro is the best laptop to run vista on ^^

TheWiseguy3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

I own a new MacBook Pro 15" and yes you wont be disappointed. I'm a true believer that MacBooks are the best built, most aesthetically appealing, highly functional laptops on the market. Some of the features of OSX and the hardware itself just make using laptops so much less cumbersome....backlit keyboard, Expose, Spaces, two-finger scrolling (and now other multitouch functions) Bootcamp is good times also since it runs windows natively....I have XP SP2 on my macbook for gaming and i swap over to play unreal tournament 3 and COD4 when Im in the mood...i get 60+ FPS in both by the way @ 1024 resolution high quality. The MBP is no slouch as far as laptops are concerned...definitely a desktop replacement machine.

PS360WII3947d ago

Sweetness sounds good to me. Thank you for the feedback ^^

Tempist3947d ago

The source article looks like a joke... and probably was. Typically it's hard to take anything made April 1st seriously.

Pain3947d ago

April fools was yesterday silly.