Xbox 360 With Blu-ray to Spark Price War With Sony PS3?

DigiTimes is feeling pretty confident about the rumors they started yesterday regarding the Xbox 360 with integrated Blu-ray. They are so confident that they're predicting a price war as Microsoft takes on Sony's PS3 at its own game. Their sources claim that the Blu-ray Disc drive will cost Microsoft between $95 and $100 -- much higher than the $18 to $20 DVD drives already found in the Xbox 360.

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Hatchetforce4248d ago

This story originally came out April 1st. 100 dollar Bluray drive? No.

decapitator4248d ago

[Wednesday 2 April 2008] is the articles date.

sonarus4248d ago

Isn't the cheapest blu ray drive like 200. It has probably dropped in price since then though. Regardless blu ray is a good move for them

Hatchetforce4248d ago

Do you understand what the word 'originally' means? The article has been revamped/rewritten. They even allude to this at the beginning of the write up. It was all over the internet YESTERDAY - APRIL 1st. Welcome to last week.

le killer4248d ago

i would'nt have thought that you will see an xbox console with an intergrated bly-ray drive until their next machine is on the market!

princejb1344248d ago

adding blu-ray on the 360 would cost MS billions, to replace all the current 360's already bought by consumers to blu-ray
correct me if im wrong this is most likely a next gen thing

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Iamback4248d ago

Rumors from yesterday? LOL ok that i am 200% that they must be true, after all those rumors came out on 1 April, very famous day in which no one can lie of make a joke, it is not called for no reason "Lets be serious and honest on 1 of April". And that 100USD blue ray, damn so cheap and sexy looking. Also that PS3 with no blue ray drive, also another "rumor" for yesterday.
Damn i love truth day!

r-nice4248d ago

This could get interesting. This is basically Microsoft admitting Sony was right.

ukilnme4248d ago

MS played the fence on this. That was one of the reasons why the HD-DVD drive was external. If it was internal things might have been different but the 360 would have cost way more and it would have been released later than it did killing it's head start on the PS3. MS has said that they would give the consumers what they wanted. Consumers have chosen Blu-Ray. Let's see if MS makes it happen on the 360.

Keep in mind that MS's end goal is digital distribution and they really hoped that both HD formats would flop.

Kleptic4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

its ridiculous how many people overlook what MS actually did...'played the fence'? rushed the system, and had absolutely zero time to adopt and include a next generation format for the games themselves...the Xbox brand was simply not capable of moving a $500+ console...the Playstation brand ended up doing it a lot better than many thought it would, but it was still a pretty damaging launch year...

MS backed HD-DVD as a direct attempt to prevent Sony from taking over the living much as the 360 fanboys claim its 'only about games'...MS was quite clear on their intentions of the 360 being THE multimedia hub of any home theater...thats one area of this console war were there is a very clear winner...

and don't buy into that DD stuff...MS was touting it as years off at the end of 2007...then HD-DVD grenades and all of a sudden DD is the imminent future for movies?...If you actually believe every PR release you will end up a very confused and ignorant person...

Sir Ken Kutaragi 44248d ago

It's like Flogging a Dead Horse!!! ;-D

vloeistof4248d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.