Warhawk Update v1.3 is Now Available for Download

The Warhawk servers have now gone down for maintenance until 4PM GMT. However they have now made the v1.3 update available for download. To download the new update just start up the game and it will ask you to download the new v1.3 update. Its as easy as that.

The new features that are in the new update are as follows:
*BIO-FIELD EMITTER (Creates a zone of healing for allies and a zone of damage for enemies)
*MECHANIC FIELD WRENCH (can be used to repair allied vehicles and turrets as well as damage enemy vehicles and turrets)
*Integration of Contest Winner Insignias and Paint Schemes
*.50cal turret targeting enhanced
*Point value update for CTF defend and flag-carrier kill
*CTF Sudden-Death trigger fix
*Disabled CTF Flag throw/drop functionality
*New VOIP Functionality
*HOME Game-Launching

Once you've downloaded the update you'll be ready to play when the servers go back up at 4PM GMT.

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Cwalat4790d ago

HOME game launching ?????

hmm, so Home isn't that far away after all ! :P

Equinoxe_74790d ago (Edited 4790d ago )

Cool, but I think we still need to have paitience, Home game launching could just be for the open beta, but we are seeing progres.

Cwalat4790d ago

you mean the closed beta...

dalibor4790d ago

Progress is always good. Yes iam def. downloading this update for warhawk and getten ready to roll a fat one up lol the one that will make you walk like a zombie, like ice cube said "today is a good day"

Alcohog4790d ago

I really hate reading things like that just as I'm starting my day at work :P

dalibor4790d ago

Don't worry theres pleenty to go around bro. Mary jane might be the only thing that can cure fanboyism...

fenderputty4790d ago

This is a good sign for sure. These things (Home, Ingame xmb) are getting close to their supposed release times. The anticipation is killing me.

TheExecutive4790d ago

its for the closed beta :), but good signs none the less

sonarus4790d ago

In game launching was already available for home beta. Anyways, i'm going to download now but wnt get a chance to play till later

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killer_trap4790d ago

wasn't there supposed to be a new snow map with the update???

harv7114790d ago

I think the snow map is in the Operation Broken Mirror expansion coming out on the 19th.

killer_trap4790d ago i remember. I'm begining to lose my memory. thanks very much.

Zhuk4790d ago

Does anyone actually play this game? I thought it bombed pretty hard

wAtdaFck4790d ago

Just because you don't have the game doesn't mean it bombed.

Community is live and thriving. Hence all the updates, and the dawn of its second expansion.

dalibor4790d ago (Edited 4790d ago )

Zhuk how come your ignored by:233 users lol. Jeez this site has a lot of people hating. Dang. Just so you know iam not one of the 233 and by the way warhawk is cool. At least i like it. Try the game and see if you like it.

Diugu4790d ago

And it is still selling. Best multiplayer out there in my opinion.

Also.. easy to find rooms to play due to the amount of people playing all day long.

Bolts4790d ago

Yeah it bombed hard enough for two expansions.

Haiku4Fanboys4790d ago

The Zhuk has surfaced
Fanboy hibernation ends
His brain still sleeps, though

Sev4790d ago

Where the hell have you been?

It seemed like you went into the hiding once the PS3 started to pick up some steam.

Varsarus4790d ago

I have warhawk, it's great, probably competes with Halo rofl.

nevimkdojsem24790d ago

I've played Warhawk for 250 hours so far while my Call of Duty 4 disk collects dust.

va_bank4790d ago

@ Bug: no, only 500,000+ people on the leaderboards. I have 300+ hours into that game( never played anything that much before) and I'm only ranking in the top 7,000.

@ Varsaqrus: I think Halo is nothing compared to Warhawk, but it's way more popular, I guess because it's easier to play and is backed by Microsoft hype machine. Just my opinion and I should also mention that like many older (30+) gamers I'm pretty sick of FPS by now.

fenderputty4790d ago

Zhuk ... the antithesis to DarkSniper. It's good to see you back but, next time put out some more effort. That wasn't nearly as funny as you can usually be.

[email protected]4790d ago

[sarcasm]Oh, God I never thought the day that ur nick will be surface again... I'm so happy for ya' welcome back to N4G buddy' [/sarcasm]


gta_cb4790d ago

i agree that warhawk is a fun game, but IMHO Warhawk does not even compare to COD4.

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