D&D Follows in World of Warcraft's Footsteps

The game Dungeons and Dragons, which was the inspiration behind most fantasy games including World of Warcraft, is finally going online. Yes, there is already Dungeons and Dragons Online by Atari, which is estimated to have around 100,000 subscribers worldwide, but this new game will not be anything like the MMORPGs we know and love, don't expect a fully interactive 3D world; the graphics will represent the tabletop game.

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Maticus3854d ago

Ironic how the father becomes the son...

Lifendz3854d ago

for me. Too addictive. When I'm spending more time getting money in the game than I am in real life there's something wrong...with me. I loved WoW but too much.

Leord3854d ago

Man, I thought the whole point of still playing traditional RPGs (like Blizzard people obviously do/done, as they tributed 2.4 to Gary Gygax) was to actually meet people face to face... =/

Bolts3854d ago

I have to register to read this article? How lame...speaking of fail Dungeons and Dragons Online was a horrible, horrible mistake. Nobody play MMOs so they can pay to play for a different version of NWN.

JohnnyMann4203854d ago


This may as well be spam since you are forced to register just to read the article.

I have no idea how this made it to the front page.

Try not to do this in the future.

Leord3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

I think the link was done in error tbh. It was supposed to read out:

I added it as an alternate source.

You should not have to register to read that.

The people that approved the story should really have paid more attention (yes, I blame myself for not checking more closely where the link went myself).

Is it possible to change the article link now, or make an update?

JohnnyMann4203853d ago

Thanks for giving the right link, was a good read.