Sony Delays Blu-ray Player. Again

Once gain, Sony is delaying the release of its stand along Blu-ray player, BDP-S1. It was originally scheduled for launch over 6 months ago, Sony's flagship Blu-ray player will launch this December, after the launch of the PlayStation 3, which of course, includes Blu-ray playback capability.

The delay is most likely due to the lack of blue laser diodes. Since Sony only has a limited supply of those, the PS3 has top priority over the BDP-S1 and other devices.

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Anerythristic264468d ago

I have a nagging feeling that Sony isn't going to make it. Aren't they still in financial trouble?

Dragonopolis4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

Sony just has to many brand new projects they are trying to get out at one time.

New HDTVs and front projectors, Brand spanking new Blu-ray player that has to be done right first time out, trying to stay alive in the music player department (I think they just recently released a new line of music players), Keeping up-to-date with with their Laptop/PC line, and of course the PS3. Add to all the problems they cause themselves as well as the market - something (or somethings) got to give.

Sony is probably going to concentrate more on getting the PS3 out first then hit the high end market with their first Blu-ray Player.

I wouldn't worry to much.

Sphinx4468d ago

...I wonder what they're trying to do... are they trying to be tricky? Or, can they really not release anything on time?

kingboy4468d ago

lets deal with ps3 launch first before jumping into other things lol!

PS3 Ultimate4468d ago

I think Sony only put the working doids of the Blu Ray Drive into the PLAYSTATION 3. And some of the working doids are are in the Blu Ray player. The future is in hotpoint! Nearly here!

bung tickler4467d ago

next gen gaming has been here since last november, just some people denied then selves awsome game play time out of stupid fanboyism. LIKE YOU!

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The story is too old to be commented.