Newspaper claims it is morally wrong for kids to play games

MCV: The Daily Telegraph has published a new opinion piece that criticises recommendations contained in the Byron Review – entitled: 'There is a majority against video games, and it is moral'.

The article, written by Jenny McCartney, suggests there is a problem with the sort of games that are being allowed to reach retail's shelves – and the lack of action taken in the Byron Review to increase censorship.

The piece is the second Telegraph opinion article to attack the Byron Review this year. Last month, Sky Sports football pundit Jim White questioned whether the report was an empty Governmental stunt.

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BlackCountryBob4483d ago

In a way I am glad all this is coming out now. While I am not surprised that a newspaper like the far right Telegraph or Mail are attacking games (because they attack everything that has been invented post 1950, their perfect society is Pleasantville) it is really in the end quite blunt.

Post Byron, the government will never endorse or introduce any new laws to restrict games because to do so would be to go against Tanya Byrons' findings. As it turns out, Mrs Byron has done us all a favour because everytime any criticises games the government will just point to Byron and it will continue for close to 10 years. The Byron report is the perfect comeback to any criticism and for that I applaud the report.

The newspapers are just on games because nothing else is going on. People are tired of hearing about MPs expenses so games will do until the next story happens that the entire journalistic huddle can get worked up about and tell us that it is "a disgrace and an affront to the moral fabric of society". Games are just the current target.

Notice please how none of these opinions appeared last week when Byron was released. Instead the newspapers will filled with coverage of naked pictures of the French Presidents wife! The week before that it was footballers having no respect for referees. Come Friday and they will whine about something else. The media is so predictable.

Fishy Fingers4483d ago

Fantastic post. I cna't see a single line i wouldnt agree with.

*claps for someone with a brain*

Cwalat4483d ago

this newspaper fails,
why focus on what children do to enjoy themselves instead of finding out how the life is in middleast and how humar rights are treated there...


bubble for you good Sir !

bang on, could not have said it better myself...

dalibor4483d ago

Cwalat thats the media for you. Its morally wrong for kids to play games but it's not morally wrong to learn about sex in 5th grade? I hate the media.

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ceedubya94483d ago

But for some reason I just can't pull myself to do so at the moment. The title just turns me off.

Lucreto4483d ago

We should send them bunch a bananas and leave a card saying for the Chimps in the writing department