Spong: Echochrome Review

Spong writes: "All games – even the daftest of pimp simulators or zombie mashers – stimulate cerebral activity, no matter what the Daily Mail would have its readers believe. And Echochrome is certainly not a game for Daily Mail readers: it's way too clever for them. It's a game for Guardian readers and, of course, SPOnG readers – that's you!

So, this is how it works, clever clogs: you've got a little mannequin character that never stops walking unless you press [Triangle] to freeze the action and work out a solution to the stage. All this walking doesn't get it very far by default, because it's treading a path along the surfaces of impossible structures. That's where you come in – you need to change your perspective of the structure, either by pushing an analogue stick or waving the SixAxis like, well, like a Wii Remote."

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