GameTap: The World Ends with You Preview

GameTap writes: "Whenever Square Enix puts out a role-playing game that isn't called Final Fantasy or Dragon's Quest, a mad blip flashes on everyone's radar screen. In the case of The World Ends with You, that character designer Tetsuya Nomura is also a world-renowned character designer for both the Final Fantasy and the Kingdom Hearts series makes the profile skyrocket. But this time Nomura and Kyoto-based developer Jupiter go where no RPG has gone before: into the fastidious and sometimes unfathomable world of Japanese fashion.

The World Ends with You is an action-RPG set in contemporary Tokyo's ultratrendy Shibuya fashion district where a 15-year-old kid, Neku, finds that he's been cast by a mysterious group of beings called the Reapers into a supernatural game where the outcome means life or death--for him."

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PS360WII3947d ago

Awesome stuff can't wait and it is looking impressive. I like how you'll be able to switch combat from the bottom screen stylus to top screen button presses. Should prove to be unique and hard to handle at first :)