1UP Previews: NBA Ballers: Chosen One

1UP writes: "Flashy cars: check. Entourages: check. Helicopter entrances: check. Three bottles of Cristal short of a music video, NBA Ballers: Chosen One, Midway's latest iteration of the other arcade basketball franchise places as much emphasis on bling as it does on playing ball. If the aforementioned "Hype" Williams mainstays didn't tip you off, this isn't a game of kids playing pickup at the Y; as the title implies, only the shot callingest of ballers can be crowned the Chosen One.

Once again, you're put in the shoes of an up-and-coming street ball phenom. You've been given a chance to play against the NBA's cream of the crop in their post-season tournament, but gone are the street courts and open-world exploration of the previous Ballers titles. Except for the enjoyable cut-scenes, there looks to be little clutter getting in the way of the balling. With Public Enemy's Chuck D at the helm, faux TV sports show clips serve as introductions to each of the game's episodes that chronicle your ascension through the ranks of basketball's elite."

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