CliffyB Talks Gears and Resistance

Gears will be going against the PS3's shooter Resistance. Is there room for both? CliffyB thinks so:

"I played Resistance at Digital Life last week but looking at the way the game is played with your backpedaling shooting at lots of these little spider guys and you're, you know, you're running around all crazy and rushing right up to these guys and going through these kind of concrete pike filled tunnels; that's it's own game.

Gears is just not that game. Gears is much more about hide and go kill and flanking your foe and dealing with the scenario that we've proposed of enemies bursting forth from beneath you all the time, and they really feel like drastically different games. So, I mean, to play fair and be honest, I think that there's plenty of room for both products."

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andy capps4471d ago

Props to him for being polite to other developers. And he's right, they are two completely different types of games.

TheMART4470d ago

But they're still in the shooter area. And when someone is in the shops this Christmas, looking at demopods and see Gears and Resistance besides each other, they'll choose on what they see.

And Gears will win hands down. Gamers that like all systems will buy it ofcourse, but they'll but it anyway. Not seeing demopods in the shops running the two besides each other...

JIN KAZAMA4470d ago

you would pick gears of War doesnt mean everybody would. Just becuase I would pick FOM, doesnt mean everyone will pick FOM.

12Volt4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

Spoken like a true boxclone. You're so interested in MS "winning" that you spew utter nonsense. You like it so much, buy it, you hate it so much, here's an idea.. dont buy it.

I think cliffy spoke justly, I personally would by War because of the character design and overall appeal...

But RFOM intrigues me with the promised 40 man multiplayer and if they say they'll have as many weapons and maps as they say they will.. I would buy that over Gears..

i'm getting a ps3 and probably will get Resistance once I find out how many people are playing the online multiplayer.. if its alot.. i want in.

Antan4470d ago

LOL! he`s a tryer, but he doesn`t need to, ive said all along, people will buy what they want to buy, one game will not suddenly sway people to get a 360 if the PS3`s are outta stock! he`s a fool if he thinks this to be the case. As someone said on another article, There are more quality games available at christmas on the PS3 than the 360, Mart is saying this without realising, How many other games as he mentioned will be amazing at christmas? that are not on the PS3 so COD3 does not apply. True gamers win at the end of the day, something he clearly not.

combatant4470d ago

The Mart, can't you take a break from being a fan boy for just one entry. Cliffy was saying that these are two different games and that he believes there is room. Now you come in and say its going to win hands down? Quit being such a f*cking fanboy. Why don't you do use all a favor and just hang yourself. Or jump off a bridge, as long as your not around anymore, it doesn't matter.

andy capps4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

theMART- I hope you notice all the Playstation fans in here respecting what CliffyB said and saying that he's right, and then you come in and contradict what he says and play the fanboy. I knew when you were saying that you thought Resistance looked good that it was an act, but you at least could have kept it up for longer than a week. And when you were giving it credit for a short time, why the sudden change back to old habits? Did a whole bunch of videos come out that showed a drop in quality?

Can't we just leave it that you can enjoy Gears of War, and Playstation fans can enjoy games on their system and leave it at that? Why do you have to post such flamebait and turn every thread into a pissing contest between God of War and Resistance?

sparco4470d ago

I aint a fanboy for anyone. I just wanted to clear that up before i say what i wanna say. But what AMAZING games are coming out on the ps3 before xmas? From what ive seen I think there is only one AMAZING game coming out b4 xmas on the ps3 and thats Resistance. It has the graphics, but it also has the gameplay; thats what makes an AMAzing game. Kinda like GoW. Im not sure whether i can say Motorstorm is AMAZING. The graphics look pretty good, but gameplay wise, im not too sure. So you cant realy say that the PS3 lineup is gonna beat the 360's this xmas cos it aint that brilliant.

TheMART4470d ago

Nice to see you all bite again guys I like it.

But it's actually not me saying Gears is like nothing out there this Christmas. All previews, from IGN and other sites say Gears is the thing out there.

And I'll bet they're right. And yeah Resistance looks good Andy, but not good enough compared to Gears.

It's plain simple and you'll see it this Christmas

Antan4470d ago

Who said anything about "amazing" games? i said the PS3 looks to have the better quality games overall this christmas. GOW looks like it will take top spot, but its only one game, which is my point.

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Donkey Slayer4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

Good to see Cliffy B is GAMER and isn't close-minded, even though some of the people who will be buying his game are. Fanbot: "NO you can't enjoy two consoles, only Xbox360..(crying inside, why cliffy why :( )

Of course there are open-minded gamers buying as well and they far out number the vocal fanbots here.

I'll be playing both for the win :) Plus Red Steel ;)

PS360WII4470d ago

thank my lucky stars there are gamers in this forum and not just brand loyalists! I too will be enjoying Gears, Resistance, and Red Steel! That's the way to be happy with games in stead of trying to find an argument on why yours is better becuase you have them all ^^

PS3 Ultimate4470d ago

Because the devs that made GOW PUSHED themselves! They were having problems developing it. Ir was on an MTV show, They were STRUGGLING. And they said '' If it sucks, it sucks!'' They were worried. 360 is already going to throw their big guns, Halo 3 and GOW. After that, they're done. The PS3 has'nt even thrown theirs yet and I bet u they will pwn the 360 along with those 2 games.

sparco4470d ago

What "Big Guns" does the PS3 have then m8? MGS4, God of War? cant realy get that excited about it.

Donkey Slayer4470d ago

Motorstorm, Devil May Cry, Virtua Fighter 5, Warhawk, Ridge Racer 7, Final Fantasy, Genji, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, etc

Marriot VP4470d ago

genji....mmmmm, realtime weapon change and attacking giant enemy crabs for massive damage. You know the line

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Schmitty074470d ago

He is right, way to respect other devlopers works. I can't stand all the mudslingging that goes on with gaming.

12Volt4470d ago

some of the crap going on here is no different than political ad campaigns.. seriously someone should youtube a political ad with a master chief voice over... "The PS3, wrong for gaming, wrong for the future of america"

"Hi I'm Bill Gates and I approve this ad"

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