Interview: The PEGI View

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "Patrice Chazerand explains his views on the Byron Review, discusses the next steps and looks to the future of ratings. Last week, when Dr Tanya Byron released her Review into the safety of children online and with regard to videogames, one of the headline proposals involved a significant change to the way that games are rated in the UK.

By lowering the statutory age rating limit to 12, it means that the BBFC will now have to rate around half of all games - a move which at the same time reduces the responsibilities that PEGI had previously.
But while many people had speculated previously about the possibility of a single ratings system, the Review maintained that PEGI still had an important role to play, particularly for the large numbers of games released for children, and in the online space - where national boundaries are less relevant.

Here, Patrice Chazerand, secretary general at ISFE, the European publisher association which oversees PEGI, unpacks his thoughts on the Byron Review, what it means for PEGI, what the next steps will be, and what the future of online holds."

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