Kojima: MGS 4 a "'one' out of the 'ten' he wanted to create"

Gameplayer recently travelled to Japan to see Metal Gear Solid 4, and during that trip they had a chance to chat to Hideo Kojima in which the industry legend dropped his thoughts on this generation of consoles.

"Kojima claimed, through a translator, that when making Metal Gear Solid 4, he started out trying to make a 10, but ended up with a 1."

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sonarus4514d ago

lol krazy kojima is always dissapointing himself. Rating his own game as a one. I predict MGS5 directed by kojima to get it right again which he will rate as a 2/10

Lord Anubis4514d ago

ah, one of his visions was for procedural content. sort of, he wanted the game to age tree grows through the course of the game. He stated if it could not happen or he wasnt satisfied he would not include it. I think that's what he is disappointed about.

sonarus4514d ago

lol so much for ps3 and 4d graphics

xhi44514d ago

far cry 2 is ALL procedural.......and thats the same quality on 360, PS3 AND PC (probably better on HIGH HIGH end pc's mind you)

i put this down to crazy kojima and his constant disappointment at his own 'genius'

dude_uk4514d ago

i still think that procedural textures are going to start in this gen...
maybe next year or so...
since the engines aren't even done yet..

SL1M DADDY4514d ago

The PS3 had a launch title that utilized 4D graphics. You know, that little title named Motorstorm? As for future titles, there are several that are using already and are in their final stages of developement. Killzone 2, White Knight Story, and Eight Days to name a few.

dude_uk4514d ago

though not perfected yet...we'll see what the 4D engine aka procedural texture engine is made of soon.. =D

Sir Ken Kutaragi 44514d ago

MGS1 10/10
MGS2 10/10
MGS3 10/10 ;-P

4513d ago
Bleucrunch4513d ago

This game is a 20 in my eyes!

VirusE4513d ago

Lifendz why not go and sing your song in the open zone? Not really sure what you comment has to do with Kojima having extremely high standards for himself. If he wanted to make an awesome game on the 360 I have zero doubts in my mind that he could pull it off. He is a very talented man with an extremely talented team.

Maddens Raiders4513d ago

why are people disagreeing with you? What you said was correct.

BrianC62344513d ago

What does this guy mean the consoles can't handle Crysis? That's bull. It isn't that they can't handle it. The PS3 could easily handle it. They just aren't making a console version.

As for Kojima giving MGS4 a 1, I can't wait to see a game he makes that he gives a 5. That will be one great game.

gambare4513d ago

Many people will misunderstand the "he wanted a 10 but he feels a 1"

that quote means "He's like most of the great artists in this world, he won't be satisfied with his work EVER, even if the world praise it"

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Panthers4514d ago

Well that settles it. To make up for his shortcomings, Kojima is just going to have to make 9 more MGS for PS3. Luckily the PS3 will have a long life span.

yanikins1114514d ago

And more yes. My brain is just starting to re-adjust to reality after the ending of MGS2.... Break it again Kojima

rogimusprime4513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

...but that same attitude also explains why the suicide rates in Japan are so high.

rawg4513d ago

Anyone who is striving for perfection will never be happy. His pain is our gain though because it means he'll be pushing the limits of everything he touches, including the PS3.

Can't wait for MGS4. My standards aren't as high as Kojima's... ;)

jkhan4514d ago (Edited 4514d ago )

This just shows what a creative mind Hideo Kojima has. As for the failure of technology. I think its not the issue that the technology failed them. I think people are expecting too much especially from PS3, because Ken Kutaragi initially promised a machine that will do wonders. We have no doubt seen beautiful games like Heavenly Swords, Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted from PS3, but still they are no where near the promises initially made by Ken. Secondly the issue is time. Come on its just a year and a half since PS3 launch. You won't be able see the graphical wonders of God of War 1 and God of War 2 until the end of PS3 life cycle.

bigman73874513d ago

That's because Ken was crazy.

Cupid_Viper_34514d ago

i think his dissapointment has more to do with time rather than the ps3's capabilities. with more time, a 100gb bluray disck would be available, thus more content. with time, better understanding of the ps3's capabilities, thus better performance. for example, look at mgs3 and gow2 on the ps2.

i can sort of relate to him in a way. it happens when you're a perfectionist, you always feel like you could've done so much more.

i play soccer, and on nights when i score 0 goals, i beat myself up. and on nights when i score 2-3 goals, i still beat myself up, what about the 4 or 5 other chances that i've missed?

and also, i think its a bit too early do dismiss the ps3 as a dissapointment. if there's a console out there with any hopes for this gen, then i think the ps3 is it. He mentioned that motorstorm was scaled down, and that's a very true statement. But what do you make of the GT5P, 1080p 60/s, and as far as console graphics goes, never before seen anywhere else, and we're talking barely over 1yr old.

then again this is just my opinion, not necessarily facts. feel free to disagree.