GT5 Prologue Sells 374,607 Copies in 48 Hours

The latest European sales numbers at VGChartz for "the week ending March 29, 2008? show that exactly 374,607 Blu-Ray copies of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue have been sold. Considering that the game was released in Europe on March 28, those sales numbers could only apply to the two single days that it was available on store shelves. This, of course, is in addition to the one million European pre-orders and does not include the number of times the game has been purchased via PSN.

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Zhuk3947d ago

I picked it up launch day, they still have a long way to go before they can match Forza 2 but its still the best game on PS3

sonarus3947d ago

yawn. I am tired of unnecessary fanboy comparisons. Can't you just let a game be without some unnecessary comparison.

Blademask3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )


wtf have you been? Did you get a life or something? N4G needs you. With 300k in 48 hours GT5's demo doesn't need to go a long way to catch anything.


300k in 48 hours, and 1 million european pre-orders. wow.

mistertwoturbo3947d ago

well considering they already have the graphics down, they can focus on physics and will surpass forza 2.

Denges3947d ago

lol everyone was right!!

he did buy a ps3

Lemons3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Actually they have both the graphics and physics down, they just need to add various features, for example online lobbies, a better single player structure and damage, but these will be rectified for the final release. Actually online lobbies are arriving soon for Prologue.

Loved Forza 2, great package, but after playing Prologue I just can't go back to Forza, the Forza handling model feels like an arcade game in comparison.

Driving online (once you get away from the bumper car idiots that populate the beginner tracks) is a fantastic thrill also. Throw a wheel into the mix and Prologue is sublime.

masterg3947d ago

Now we know why you haven't been on in months. You bough a PS3 and haven't been able to leave it until now.

You finally joined the "dark side". Good for you Zhuk.
I Wonder if that is why theMart is missing as well.

SL1M DADDY3947d ago

You prove once again that you know little about games. What Forza 2 has is something different than what GT5P has. They are both great games, some will like GT5 better while others will like Forza 2 more. It's all in what you want and what one has and the other doesn't, does not make one better than the other, it only makes them different. Two developers, two different games and two different styles. Sure they are both sims but they apeal to people differently. If you want beauty, you buy GT5, if you want damage modeling, you buy Forza 2.

REbirth3947d ago

the funny is...
the "demo" of GT5 will give more money and make more sucess than forza u still think that is the GT that need to catch up forza?
cus i dont:S

and the best game on ps3? did u play any other games?!
prologue is just an experience for what is coming...its made for the fans that cant wait for the final

The gaming GOD3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

To have backward unrealistic comparisons like that.

Forza is and will always be the secondary thought when compared to Gran Turismo. That's just the bottom line

What's even funnier though is that he says he has a ps3 now. Something he said he wouldn't do.

Varsarus3947d ago

Forza = GT wannabe, end of.

CaptainHowdy3946d ago

A hearty welcome back. You can admit like your ps3...i like my 360 too. See there...all is well

jones smokey3944d ago

THIS IS A DEMO, FORZA IS A FULL GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO I NEED TO SAY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jones smokey3944d ago


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belal3947d ago

zhuk is back !!!!!!!


3947d ago
StormSoldier3947d ago

actually i prefer gt5 prologue cuz it seems more real,cant wait till gt5 ............

Mr Tretton3947d ago

I'm getting it, on U.S. lauch day.

Fishy Fingers3947d ago

Congrats to them.

Hopefully the sack full of money they made from Prologue will go to making GT5 even bigger and badder.

Going to buy the F40 when i get home :)

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