'Mountain Bike Adrenaline' (PS2) Coming to PC

Outdoor sports are about the predominance of nature, and the absence of limits and rules, apart from the riders' own credos: creativity, discovery and sensations of freedom. The paradox of freedom and creativity is that equipment is essential but the rider must also forget all about it. The essential ingredients of the games' magic formula are creative sports persons, limitless changing game terrains, hoards of equipment and innovative products, a recipe that will stir the instincts of every "Action & Outdoor sports" fan.

Mountain Bike Adrenaline is a new approach to outdoor sports, giving genuine freedom rushes, and full-on free rider attitude.

Attempt the most prestigious ATB slopes in the world! Speed, dexterity and a daring nature are the only conditions you'll need to win, beat records and unblock new ATBs, locations and modes.

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