Prey Sequel Plans

Game Matters, Scott Miller's blog (thanks Voodoo Extreme), in addition to the latest history lesson about how Apogee Software pioneered the shareware model, offers word that Prey has sold over a million copies, and that plans are already in place for a follow-up, saying: "There will be a sequel, and we think we have a interesting follow-up story to tell and some all-new innovations to bring new excitement to the table." This leads to a broader point that they will be expanding their role as an intermediary for smaller game developers...

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THWIP4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

...sometime after the launch of XBOX 720, around 2014. :O

zonetrooper54467d ago

The sequel will come around end of 2008 or maybe sometime in 2009.

THWIP4467d ago

...with PREY taking nearly 10 years, and Duke Nukem Forever...well, FOREVER (likely never), 3D Realms IS NOT a company you can count on to deliver a game within a reasonable timeframe.

PS360WII4467d ago

the sequel has a non-laggy multiplayer. That's my only beef with Prey. It works great then someone wanders in with a bad connection and ruins it for all....

THWIP4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

Until 300kps+ download becomes a broadband standard, gamers will ALWAYS have to contend with that.
You've got millions of people out there, who only have BASIC broadband, like 150k DSL. On the download side, they're just barely strong enough to qualify for LIVE. I've played with people whose ping was well over 800ms, which is basically a full second ; that's waaaay too long for packet delivery, for online gaming.

co_ray4467d ago

Up to 1.5 Mbps(downstream)
256 Kbps(upstream) thats bellsouth DSL Ultra, is that good?...everytime im in a lobby or something i have the top amount of bars, so i must have a good connection.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4466d ago

This was good but not great. Multiplayer sucked laged bad for only 8 players and what is with 8 player multiplayer? I pay 50 a year I want the choice of 16, 30, 60 or more.