Why pick sides in the next-gen console wars?

Scott asks why die-hard gamers feel they need to draw lines in the sand with the next console generation when all systems have things to offer.

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Corpser1936d ago

Because some people just can't afford all (heck many can barely afford one), so they need to find reasons to justify their choice. The rest of us are enjoying all the games. I can't think of a generation that I would only want to game on just one platform, you miss out on so many games!

SolidStoner1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

its not only cant afford.. many of them could afford to buy all 3 next gen consoles... but in reality who can spend so much time with gaming... its impossible.. if you have some money you must be working.. if you are working you must be an adult and have a family.. if you are having family and work.. you must be full of things to do.... the older I get, the less time I spend with games.. now I choose carefully what to buy, just to save some money and time!

So now is the time when developers really need to impress me.. if no, then no buy! the less I play the higher are my standards, I just want to pick the biggest piece of cake in shortest time possible...

games like GT, GTA, Fallout and BF etc... saves my day!

hellzsupernova1936d ago

I'm an adult with money but no family bomb gaming time :D

WarThunder1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I can not afford all 3 consoles and no time to play all games.

I have a PC and going to buy only a PS4...
PC for multi-platforms and PS4 for its great exclusives! btw GranTurismo is the biggest reason i buy a Playstation.

MikeMyers1936d ago

Well you have 4 categories. One is those who buy multiple systems so they enjoy what each has to offer. Then you have the gamer who is a bit more casual and might just buy one or two systems because of time so it's not really about money. Third you have those who don't have a lot of money, for games anyway, so they pick and choose what interest them most. Lastly you have the loyalist, the one who will support one system way more than the others and validate their decision on a daily basis and try and sell that same platform to everyone else. They will also put down the competition the most and build a wedge between what they like and what others may like.

What category do you think fits most people here?

I_am_Batman1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

The thing is that I could afford more than one console but like myself, a lot of people don't have enough time to play all the games. My backlog on PS3 alone is huge and I probably never get to play all the games I initially wanted to play. I know it would be nice to play all those games but I don't see a reason of buying another console when I didn't even play a lot of the highlights on PS3.

green1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Maybe you have the time to game on all platforms but i do not. I can afford to buy all next gen consoles even if they dropped on the same day without a problem but there is absolutely no way i can play all the games available on them.

In a week, i can squeeze-out at most 4 hours of gaming and that is even a stretch and because of that, i have missed out on a lot of games this gen especially those released in the past 18 months. So i wont even be getting a next gen console until 2014 because i need to at least play, Halo 4, Gears of War 3 and a few other games.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1936d ago

cuz sony got 30 exclusives and the Last Of uS devs are not on xbox. soooo

awesomeperson1936d ago

I could afford to get all the consoles, but I find that the vast majority of games are available on both. Therefore it comes down to exclusives.

And at the exclusive level, I simply pick the console which appeals most to me, and what I have the most confidence with.

I do regret on missing out on games, but it's just not worth the money when I wouldn't spread my time throughout all three consoles. Not to mention I simply don't have the time to play all the games available on one console, nevermind all three!

MEsoJD1936d ago

Buying all 3 isn't really practical.So I go for the best perceived value for my money. Right now, the ps4 is a buy. I can live without the other two to be honest.

christian hour1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

(Not including PC's and commodores/amstrads/andwhathav eyou... just the big boys)

I had a nes and a master system
I had a snes and a sega
I had a gameboy and a gamegear
I had a ps1 and an n64
I had a ps2, a gamecube, a psp and an xbox
I had a ps3, a wii, an xbox360 and a DS

I had planned to buy each console every gen.

I was about the games, not the companies.

But after what microsoft did, they actually made it impossible for me to go multi-console next gen. So not only was I pissed off with their policies, but pissed off that this was going to get in the way of the games I loved.

Now this was before the 180; I would say things like "Its a shame, Even if a good game comes out for it that could convince me to buy it, my stance on consumer rights (and our rights in general) is too important to me that I cannot support such a system."

However after the 180, that did give me a glimmer of hope, "maybe now I can buy this console for its exclusives and not worry about whatever sneaky tactics microsoft are planning next to feck with consumers." Of course I'm still extremely hesitant about the console, and will continue to treat it as if it was "The Thing" posing as a friendly chum, or someone smuggling a xenomorph in his chest.

Why pick sides? I didnt want to, microsoft made that decision for me when they made their console nothing but a giant middle finger to consumers.

I will probably get an xbox one now that theyve gotten rid of some of the bad stuff (could still do with gertting rid of some more but I realise this is M$ I'm talking about) but I'll wait until its 3-4 years into its life cycle and has some decent exclusives worthy of a buy... is it wishful thinking to imagine that happening?

I'll get the wii-u as soon as theres a new zelda, or I might just keep playing wind waker on my gamecube and ignore the horrible hd remake :P

RedHawkX1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

because we want the best side to win so that we all win. we dont want a crap console to win so that we get crap games. we want the best console to win so we get the best games. Thats why im choosing the ps4 side because it makes since from every stat perspective from either console. If everyone just gets the ps4 we all win and we all will have a ton of people to play online with and chat with as well as a ton and ton of exclusive games like the last of us.

it only make since to get a ps4 and wii u and pc this gen because these are the consoles that have a sufficient amout of actual exclusives and great games in many genres.

the question should be why pick the xbox one when you can pick a ps4 and wii u and have way more games and stronger hardware.

hduce1936d ago

I agree with having more than one platform and when the Xbox One and PS4 release I will sit them next to my Wii U and gaming PC and be generation 8 complete. I have always been a multiple console owner since the Atari/Colecovision days. Getting a console at launch can be expensive as hell but I knew they were coming and I was able to save up for them. I think each platform offers something different and unique so I don't want to miss out on anything that might interest me. I am a totally unbiased gamer.

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PopRocks3591936d ago

I already made a blog about this. I think some people, for one reason or another, close their mind off to what the competition offers.

People have fibbed time and time again that I somehow hate Sony and Microsoft just because I like Nintendo, but that's anything but the truth. The PS4 has an immensely promising lineup and even the shoddily at best revealed Xbox One has some interesting content that I definitely want to play.

The only ones who completely shut themselves off from the other guys are probably the ones who fall into the age old category/label of "fanboy."

christian hour1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I find it tends to be insecure people that need to justify their purchase as the correct one. People who tend to live in a morally black and white/good versus evil world tend to have this mentality; that spending money on something and then hearing someone else got a better deal by spending their money on a competitors product, people will then defend their decision to the death, rather than look inwardly and question themselves or just be happy with what they got.

When people hear good news about the product they purchased and bad news about the competitor, they most definitely get a rush of endorphin's and why wouldnt they want that to continue? They are after all, only human. So when they see bad stuff being said about their purchase, they'll do wahtever it takes to turn that statement around into sweet sweet endorphin release, maybe by oh i dunno, starting a flame war in the comments section of a news story relating to the competition.

Its part of the human condition and it is everywhere, religion, sports, goverment, family etc the list goes on. We are slaves to our natural chemical highs and sometimes we will act like morons, idiots and downright liars just to get back to that good feeling.

And if the others don't like it, we'll start a holy war to boost our egos and burn them at the stake...

I'm not the greatest wordsmith and although well-read and have a good grasp and understanding of a lot of things, I am terrible at communicating those things. Like utterly, woefully abysmal at this stuff, so if anythign I said above does not make sense or I missed a point or two, Apologies :)

DoesUs1936d ago

Because most people are in the unfortunate postition of only being able to afford one system.


I think when we say afford, there is a lot of economics to it.

it's not just a money issue. Like many have said above, time plays a big factor.

DoesUs1936d ago

For sure, but i was just mentioning the biggest hurdle.

thelaughingwiseman1936d ago

I just want a system that is easy for me and family/friends to access and have a good time away from the stress of life.

mayberry1936d ago

Some, (even "hardcore"),gamers just dont feel the need for multiple systems, especially considering the ps3/360 generation and the next ps4/xbone generation systems offer so much entertainment options for our gaming hobby money. My launch ps3 60G has been on at least 4, sometimes 24 hours a day... every day... since I got it. exclusive games were my deciding factor, even though I eventually picked up a 360 years later for cheap.

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