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Eurogamer writes: "It's hard to think of a more hostile environment for a game's launch than the one Free Radical's Haze faces. On one hand, it's viewed as a flag-bearer for the PlayStation 3, a console whose vocal detractors aren't afraid to come out in force online to criticise any weakness. It's also got the misfortune of being billed (although not by its developers) as a Halo-killer (well, it's a first person shooter where some of the characters wear funny looking helmets, what did they expect?) and it's launching at a time when the world's FPS gamers are still in the midst of a torrid love affair with Call of Duty 4.

In other words, Haze had better be bloody good, or it's going to be crucified - perhaps not in the press, and perhaps not even in stores, but its developers certainly need to be worried about a bloody sacrifice on the altar of public opinion. Don't they?"

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shine13964251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

I kind of feel sorry for bore the flag for the xbox last gen and now although its sold sheds loads is kind of being overshadowed by COD4. props to infinity but the article above kind of feels like the 'halo killer' vibe ain't as strong no more...I reckon another halo needs to and will be released fall 2009 for x360. and on topic..haze kind of goes up and down for ought to be good...but its not halo or COD4, it's got to win single player mode at the very least....

Bolts4251d ago

Halo 3 is now the doormat for every great FPS so being a Halo 3 killer isn't anything to brag about.

yanikins1114251d ago

I wanted this to be serious. I wanted it to be like one of those world war 2 movies where people die bloody deaths and you see the horrors of war. I want this to be violent, graphic, hard hitting, meaningful, deep. Im kind of sick of heros that just kill without feeling bad about it. Whats going to make or break it for me is why Carpenter switches sides. Executing women and children then coming off of nectar and realising what his just done, something like that. War just gets glorified in games. I was hoping this would be different.

thor4251d ago

I think that's the point: Whilst you're on nectar you don't realise what you're doing (you can't even see the corpses of the people you've killed), and so when you become a rebel it'll become a lot more serious/real. I hope that's the case anyway ;)

shine13964251d ago

I think the hype behind this was the social things you talked have moved me in the past but it only til COD4 and that 'mind blowingly real' plane blowing people up stage I had never felt 'guilty; in a game. your right what haze needs and seem's set up for is that guilt trip, what you do counts etc..but GTA is round the corner..and that's gonna put people in the mood for anti-whatever your trying to say...Haze is back on my radar and if it's controls are tight, story line's cool, and things in the game 'actually' matter, then it could be a stand out title...but it's got its work cut out...
edit: Delays just made me think a radical have only made like 4 games and are still known by some to be affiliated with the 'old' Rare. they of course left at what some believe to be the right time. I can't be bothered to look for sources but I'm sure one of the things Free radical wanted to be known was that they always came within budget, on time, and made great fps games etc and they had proved to with a few games they did this delay does make me wonder...ps3 tech problems? game not done to satisfactory levels? or they're trying to make it freaking awesome or something...
fingers crossed...for a non-bogstandard title at least....

yanikins1114251d ago

For some reason i was expecting this to be the ff7 of shooters as far as story line goes. I really want a game that can suck you in that much. I mean when Aeries died i actually felt bad. Nothing that made me cry or lose sleep, but it made me sit up and i thought "sh!t, thats not good.". I don't think games have that enough. Cod4 had a few of these moments (stumbling round in a nuclear aftermath anyone?) but id like to see them a lot more. Personally i think Uncharted would have benefitted from whats-her-name being killed off. I know it wasn't the kind of vibe Naughty Dog were going for but as games start to feel more and more generic I think the writers really need to look at ways of getting that emotional attachment between characters and players. Oh and i'm not saying UC was bad. I still play it :D

And yes. Its very late and I'm very bored.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 44251d ago

Free Radical have never done a bad game yet. Sure this will be good;)

thor4251d ago

Eh? Link's not working :|

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The story is too old to be commented.