Doodle Jump for Kinect Review | GIZORAMA

GIZORAMA - Originally a very popular game on mobile devices, Doodle Jump recently made the transition to Xbox 360 in the form of a Kinect Arcade title. But for a game about jumping, it doesn’t stick the landing.

On mobile, Doodle Jump is about getting as high as you can, bouncing platform to platform as you tilt your device. Along the way, you meet obstacles such as enemies and various platforms meant to prematurely end your run. The game is all about beating your previous score. Ingeniously it even shows the height your friends have reached scribbled in the margins of the screen; taunting you to hop just a little higher. Put in a neat package where the game is meant to look like a goofy drawing done in 6th grade math class, and you have yourself a best-selling mobile app.

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