Kingdom Hearts Limited Stage at D23 Event

Disney’s first ever D23 Expo will be held in Japan this October, and for the first time ever Square Enix will be holding a special Kingdom Hearts Stage at the event. As well as a plethora of Disney related booths and presentations from acclaimed Disney creative executives, Square Enix will be hosting the “Kingdom Hearts Limited Stage” which will be host to series creator Tetsuya Nomura and executive producer Shinji Hashimoto alongside a number of the series’ voice actors.

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Need4Game2024d ago

It is highly possible, Multiplayer for Kingdom Hearts will be Done first, to iron out the bugs, Get Player Feedback, improve some more and produce the Game that Fans have anticipated for so long.

Kingdom Hearts to have fighting game like F2P Tekken Revolution, will greatly help fund and hired more people to accelerate the development. Possible Release, 2014.