Infinite Undiscovery release date coming soon

This week's Famitsu issue has announced that a release date for Infinite Undiscovery will be given shortly. We are still unaware if that means a few hours or days, but it's coming soon and that's great news. Some information until the scans arrive:

- 2 pages.
- Interview with Kojima, the director.
- Old pictures.
- Illustrations of characters are the same as the OXM ones.

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SuperSaiyan43850d ago

More lovely rpgs on the way for the xbox 360 maybe they should call the 360 the RPG box LOL

ceedubya93850d ago

360 is the place for RPGs right now. A lot of them may not be the best ever created, but they are at least enjoyable if you like this genre. The effort is at least there, and its a lot better than the offering that the original Xbox had.

malingenie3850d ago

Yeah, I gotta agree, the PS3 is missing the RPG genre entirely so far. Best fun I've had with RPGs in the PS3 was replaying FFVI-XII. They need to get on the ball.

ceedubya93850d ago

Has been the RPG i've been playing on my PS3. If you haven't tried that yet, you should.

Sayai jin3850d ago

Yeah the 360 has a lot of rpg and more on the way. I am enjoying most of them right now. The PS3 has some on the way too.

LaChance3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

360 is the way to go.
And Infinite is looking pretty ineristing.Quite original.

myabsolution3850d ago

2006 we saw Enchanted Arms, Phantasy Star Universe... both average

2007 rolls around and Blue Dragon is released. Definately an impressive game, but doesn't hold a candle to Mistwalker's followup "Lost Odyssey" in early 08, which absolutely pwned.

And now the approaching Infinite Undiscovery (not a real word but w.e lol)... it looks good, and lets hope Square-Enix is up to the challenge of matching Lost Odyssey. I really like the story ive read so far, hope its here soon!

360 getting some sweet, sweet, J-RPGs. :)

Darkiewonder3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

^^ stop giving Square-enix the credit.

ps360s3850d ago

kool can't wait to hear more about this game...

anyway Have you guys notice that

the Xbox360 is kinda pushing with more JRPG while Sony Playstation 3 is pushing the FPS genre...

it's kool that both knows where their weaknesses are and are trying to push the weakness off :)

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The story is too old to be commented.