Famitsu: Star Ocean 4 platform remains undecided

All eyes were on this week's Famitsu issue due to Square Enix's promises to publish new information on several of Tri-Ace's games, and everyone were hoping Star Ocean 4's platform will be announced. Unfortunately, according to reliable sources the platform remains unannounced at this time. Perhaps next time.

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Charlie26884251d ago

I find this rather confusing...first they go as far as to clarify that this game will be a SINGLE platform exclusively and yet not revealing which one...but they have already shown bits and piece so at this point they must be into the game development cycle for a while now so a platform must have been already chosen...and yet they keep on evading revealing the platform(s) its gonna came to and at the same time throwing bones for some random reason "1 console exclusive"..."multip latform"..."maybe multiplat"..."maybe not multiplat"...Gizmondo exclusive XD

seriously if they are gonna be going like this the game is not gonna come out in a LONG time

LaChance4251d ago

bring it to 360 , but Sony's trying to make a deal ?
Because at fisrt I heard something like it was a ps3 axclusive.
Bet this is going to 360 too.Seems logical especially since MSFT have been working hard to get a maximum amount of JRPG's and at this moment RPG = 360.

zainkis4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

and maybe... it' the other way around :O i'll put my bet on... it' a ps3 exclusive

Expy4251d ago

Platform is chosen, probably some business stuff going on in the background.

zainkis4251d ago

god... just release the info... i hate how they keep us hanging there >.>

Gitaroo4251d ago

as long as its not for the Wii then Im good. And they need to bring star Ocean PSP 1 and 2 over NOW!

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The story is too old to be commented.