New MGS4 footage

Its a scene with Snake and Meryl, showing just how good the character interaction really is. Its Amazing, this is fan translated so the sound is a bit off. The music is good though.



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sonarus4249d ago

when cut scenes look this good, how can you hate on mgs? I honestly am flabbergasted.

Ghoul4249d ago

thats why i LOVE gaming

it's 1000 tiems better then watching a movie

ruibing4249d ago

An in-game cutscene with Kojima's sense of humour, I can't wait.

Tarasque4249d ago

I was going to reply to that on how awful i thought it looked for a c utscene and lighting and shadows just seem absent and it looks really washed out. And if you look at the begining of the trailer when it pans to the guys behind the wall the texture deatil is just awful. But graphics isnt everything to game.

TheExecutive4249d ago

well in all fairness we dont know what build of the game it was from...

scheme_a4249d ago

If you look at :05, you see the daylight hitting the ground on bottom right. That means that they are in shadow and that's why it doesn't have visible lighting and contact shadow.

chaosatom3334249d ago

The gun snake is holding is awesome.
Just look at it and tell me that u don't wanna fire that away at enimies.

C_SoL4249d ago


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Lord Anubis4249d ago

new footage for me, which reminds me. MGS4 is approaching and i have yet to buy a decent surround sound

Mercutio4249d ago

Those things are both complicated and expensive, very troubeling for me/

BulletBtweenUrEyes4249d ago

yeah I just purchased one recently and spent dam near $500 for it too. Its a 1200 watt samsung surround system, its one of the best descions I've ever made. The sucker is pretty loud, I have it hooked up to all of my systems(ps3 wii 360) FYI make sure you purchase a surge protecter if you plan on using it for the same reasons

sonarus4249d ago

yea same here. got so many things i need to buy:(. Surround sound will come inbetween new logitech wheel and rockband

Danielson4249d ago

woot woot, i don't mean to brag but i have 7.1 surround FTW and i love it.

ryuyasho4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

get me a Logitech z-5500 5.1 DTS Certified THX Surround System!!! those thing are like 499.99+tax, but hopefully in Amazon i could get a better deal. ;)

Edit: I just checked in, and they're 399.99!!! MUST BUY MUST BUY!!!

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Brian52474249d ago

Man I want this game badly =(

DrPirate4249d ago

Wtf, those 5 minutes had more emotion set in them then every game I've played in 07 combined.

Amanosenpai4249d ago

I agree, it was quite emotive...

dude_uk4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

its one of the WOW factors of the metal gear saga

Keowrath4249d ago

You didn't play Heavenly Sword last year then? =)

MGS4 is the reason I bought a PS3, I can't wait to put many hours in this game but there were a few titles last year that had plenty of emotion. Heavenly Sword being one of them.

tweaker4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

Snake aging rapidly?

zantetsuken4249d ago

Snake and Liquid are clones. They age more rapidly than usual.

dude_uk4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )


it is because of the foxdie virus

not because they are clones...since they were the only successful ones =D

EDIT: There were 3 successful clones..

Solidus snake
Solid snake
Liquid snake

theres a lot of history behing the clones alone..that would be a wall of text to read =/

but Solidus had a mixture of Big Boss's dominant and recessive genes
Solid snake had all the recessive ones
and liquid had all the Dominant ones.

that's why Solid snake was considered inferior to liquid....

THC CELL4249d ago

yes i thought that was it her fault ?
she looked a bit worried

liquidsnake4249d ago

Actually, it has never been revealed if it's because of the FoxDie virus or if they are clones. It might in MGS4 thou. Can't wait to find out.

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