Mirror's Edge - DICE "really f#$ken into the sound"

Gameplayer has gone live with the final article of their three part feature/interview with DICE and their exciting departure from the Battlefield series, Mirror's Edge. This in-depth preview will provide you with everything you need to know about the game.

"Oh, no no no no no no. We're in total control of the music for our game. We're not having anything pushed upon us. Our sound designer, this fantastic guy called Magnus Ostergaard, he's hand-picked the people he wanted to do the music. So every level, the music is custom designed for that particular level. We've got some pretty big music producers working on the theme for the game."

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dalibor4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

Am i the only one who gets pissed off when web sites use really small fonts lol? Prob going to at least rent the game if not buy it, looks pretty good. Having great music can def. make a game much better thats for sure.

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Hatchetforce4483d ago

This game is starting to remind me of some other great flops in history. They show you a few screens and then hype the title to death. Much ado about nothing so far. "We are revolutionary! We are the cutting edge! You should see what we are bringing to the gamer!"

Yes we should see. But until you can show us you need to throttle back on the hype cycle and lay of the hype pipe.

SlappingOysters4483d ago

They did actually show the game to this guy. If you read through the three articles there are plenty of references to what is seen on screen.

I hope it is not a disappointment, but I am very excited to see what DICE can do outside of the Battlefield series. They were, pre-EA anyway, one of the more revolutionary developers out there.

Hatchetforce4483d ago

Yes they showed the game to 'this guy'. So what we get is 'this guy's' opinion. Remember Black? Remember how they called it gun porn when it was only shown to a handful of people behind closed doors? Remember how it was the second coming of FPS titles? This is even less promising.

SlappingOysters4483d ago

fair enough. They only ever show the bits they want you to see. But you can usually tell if a game is good or not when watching other people playing it.

Especially if you have been gaming for ages.


totally agree...

I remember when they were going on about how destructible everything was in black etc. So I went into the game and started trying to shoot everything... only do find there was nothing destructible then the regular set pieces.

We have had a lot of this talk from a lot of games so far, all talk, the game comes out and does nothing new.

So far GTA is the only game that has got hype that I am starting to believe in.

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ar4483d ago

"Some people start to adapt to her breathing patterns."
I can definitely see myself doing this.

Every time I read something about this game I get more excited. This is now officially my most anticipated game of the year (if it gets out this year). Disagree all you want, I can't wait for this title.

Exhaust4483d ago

I think a lot of people commenting are selectively jaded when it comes to this game. I agree Black is a good example of a game not meeting hype but in Black's case it was more of a promise. You can tell by the screenshots and concept of Mirror's Edge that its attempting something revolutionary. I can't wait to check this game out.

That being said I don't see how this could be your most anticipated game when monsters like GTA IV, MSG4, Res 2 and Gears 2 are looming in the near future. For me GTA IV will own them all.

ar4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

GTA IV, MSG4, Res 2 and Gears 2 all looks nice but I don't see them as revolutionary as Mirror's Edge. Most games today are just polish of already established concepts. I'm really intrigued with the concept of the player body having a mass and acting accordingly.
The story seems exiting as well. Especially when you take a look at where the world around us is heading today. There aren't enough games out there with stories containing depth that makes you think. But that's probably because I'm European. ;)

Nevertheless, this year is going to be a fine year for gaming.

xm15e2s4483d ago

It sounds like it might be a very cool game (no pun intended).

I have a $3,000 5.1 setup, so I'm looking forward to hearing this game.

SlappingOysters4483d ago

fully. Is there anything better than playing a game, or watchng a movie with good sound on a great sound system?