GTA IV set to beat Halo 3 record

It is a fast moving world, none less so than in the video gaming arena, Analysts are already predicting big things for Grand Theft Auto IV when it is released this month. Microsoft especially are hoping for the lions share of the action on the Xbox 360

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Having spent a rumoured US$50 million for exclusive Xbox 360 episodic content, it is unnecessary to say that many Microsoft eggs will be carried in the Grand Theft Auto IV basket.

Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey believes betting on GTA IV success is a pretty sure wager for Microsoft;" Grand Theft Auto IV could sell 5.8 million copies in its first week, giving it retail sales of US$360 million, which would be bigger than the US$300 million Halo 3 did in its first week last year"

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TrevorPhillips4244d ago

i reckon it will sell more then halo 3 and it will also live up to the hype unfortunately halo 3 failed to live up to the hype

Breakfast4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

I dont even know why i try didnt fail for everyone, just everyone on this site.

ByeBye bubbles, bring on the disagrees.

@ The Executive

For me...1 and 2 where more revolutionary (Bring on disagrees again)...but Halo 3 was what i always wanted Halo to be. Much more full of a game. I extremely enjoyed the multi-player, and theres fun to be had in the campaign. I didnt get into Halo 2 multi-player as much as you did (although i did play alot)...thats probably why i like 3 more. I dont feel that, 'this is getting old to me now' feeling that everyone else seems to have. Thats probably the reason i like it so much.

Hopefully 3's not the end...end of the story i could care less, but the gameplay is what im interested in.

lol...i just dug myself a grave.

I respect your opinion...You can find me in the graveyard.

TheExecutive4244d ago

you gotta admit 1 and 2 were so much better than 3. i wont take your bubbles, but 3 was supposed to be the end...

kevoncox4244d ago

All these people try to cast Halo 3 as this tremendous failure. It was better than Halo 2 but it won't be as good as 1. Tat's the fact. Halo 3 was a great game probally an 8.8 Can anyone tell me why it wasn't a good game? It would probally be the best game on ps3 right now.

The reason COD4 is mor epopular is because it's new and and Halo is in it's 3rd iteration. However, Halo 3 is still the game all FPS hope to be.

Blademask4244d ago

COD4's single player completely destroys Halo3's.
COD4's multiplayer completely destroys Halo3's as well. Both technically and just pure fun.

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Breakfast4244d ago

oooo...this should be interesting. I got my money on Halo keeping the sales on the xbox side. But gta multi platform will murder halo.

mesh14244d ago

halo 3 was a great game but gta 4 is in a defferent league to halo3 its a much better game than all games released last yar and most games released this year wont actually be ebtter than gta 4 so i think it deserved to sell10 million copys in 3 weeks

Capt CHAOS4244d ago

AND when there were alot less of the consoles around. Halo3 did well, exceptionally and even when GTA4 beats overall sales of HALO3, you have to remember that it's across multiple platforms, a year down the road.

Elvfam5114243d ago

@captchaos - I doubt they going to put ps3 sells with xbox sells they always have different percent of sales man and i believe ps3 will sell more (my opinion). Halo 3 was alright to me but i bet HALO fans had a heart attack because it was finally release.

@kevoncox man COD2 is still the sh*t dude COD4 is just modern thats why everybody love it. I love halo 1 but as much as COD2 (didn't get to play halo 2) Halo 3 was alright like i said before they could of done much better with it. Story line was cool (i didn't know the history bcuz i miss out on Halo2) with the arbiter and master chief.

That's my opinion judge me like i care lol

toughNAME4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

But I agree with you

when you count both platforms and how well it sold on better sell more than Halo 3

Breakfast4244d ago

Just as long as your comment makes me laugh...take as long as you want

Breakfast4244d ago

lol...ill give you a break today. It takes alot out of a guy to put on a happy face when everyone disagrees with him. But some how i think you'll manage.

TrevorPhillips4244d ago

i dont think halo 3 is the last part i rekon they will make more

Cyrus3654244d ago

I think it's likely it'll sell 5 mill on each platform, putting in the 10 mill range within the next few months.

I dunno how much Halo 3 lifetime sales are, but when you combine COD 4 numbers isn't coming close to Halo 3 numbers?

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The story is too old to be commented.