XNA Studio Express beta 2 announced

Following the release of the XNA Game Studio Express beta at the end of August, the XNA Team blog -- guys, put some pictures up or something, seriously -- has announced the XNA Game Studio Express beta 2. For those that don't know, XNA Game Studio Express is the free, hobbyist programming suite that makes creating your own games a snap. This suite also promises the ability to run code on an Xbox 360. The idea is to bring back the days when two people in their garage could make and sell a game. Microsoft hopes to one day put user created games on Xbox Live Arcade, for example.

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beans4467d ago

Know matter how u put it this has got to be a pretty impressive step by MS! This is true next generation and I hope that the people making games will come out with some crazy cool stuff!

rj814467d ago

on here actually use this?

BIadestarX4467d ago

The answer is yes.
Being writting games (hobby) for more than 8 years. I learned programming just to do that(hacking was also fun); and it turned out that programming pays well; so I endup a sofware/web/database developer. Due to the nature of the gaming industry what are the chances of being hired by Konami to write a 20 Mil game? There goes the answer why some of us are exited about the xna. It will allow some of us that have job to network with people that have similar interest and different skill set(music, animation, 3D graphics, Photoshop, programmers, etc) to get together and do something they always wanted to do. Some of you can hate microsoft all all you want. but this is a good thing for some of us.

BIadestarX4467d ago

Great! I've being waiting for this. I hope they added content pipe line. I've being writing collition detection and other helper functions and classes, but I've being holding back on writing anything serious until the content pipe line is in place.