Spectral Force 3 Trailer

The world is divided in the Neverland War, your actions will determine the outcome.

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Rick Astley4242d ago

LOL this one isn't going at full retail price is it? I ask because it looks worse than some PS2 games so it's gotta be a download or something.

- Rick rolling since 1966

mesh14242d ago

1 WORD DISGEA 3 LOOKS LIEK A PS2 GAME SO WHY DIDNT U WHINE THEN =)but u guys still tryed to hype it even tho it looks worse than this game and is going to retail for $60

Harry1904242d ago

i would never have expected to find this on the xbox360,i guess Microsoft is really trying very hard to expand the catalog of games for its console.well,at least you can't blame them for that.

bakasora4242d ago

Why.. PS3 is losing JRPG here and there. WHY!!?