GameSpy Game of the Month: March 2008

Via GameSpy: "March started up like a lion and GameSpy's editorial staff fought like that majestic beast until the bitter end about the best titles of the month. Nothing lamb-like here. After a February that ended in deadlocks during Game of the Month voting, we reached a similar stalemate in March. Whether it was the sequel to one of 2006's best shooters, the return of an epic hero on a new platform, or the hotly anticipated follow-up to the GameCube's top-selling title, it was tough to pin down a clear winner. Nevertheless, democracy reigned as we conducted a vote for our top pick. The winner? Read on."

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Harry1903948d ago

the most gutsy decision ever or the most insane.

Hagaf223948d ago

well it was game of the year so why wouldnt the same recycled game with a few new maps little better graphics not get game of the month.