PSN apes Xbox Live

Sony has confirmed that the online service for the PS3, the PlayStation Store, will get a complete visual overhaul in mid-April. The upgrade, while still maintaining a strong blue leitmotif, will bring the portal more into line with Xbox Live, featuring substantial improvements to its ease of use.

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TrevorPhillips3855d ago

so there saying there gonna make psn live better then xbox live i got 2 words U WISH

Breakfast3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

Why not...they've had all the time in the world...about time to make improvements

Harry1903855d ago

they can only get better with psn.
and you've got home coming in a short while too.
things are going Sony's way right now,they would
not dare jeopardize their progress with some half-baked update.

3855d ago
jwatt3855d ago

I think they are referring to the psn store and the marketplace not necessarily psn and xbox live.

Lifendz3855d ago

You're scared.

You are. You're scared that PSN-a free service-will be better than the service you pay for.

Just admit it.

Breakfast3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

You said it..."will be", thats exactly right. Not now.

And buddy...not every xbox owner has just one console. You talk like we see things one-sided...hmmmmm, kinda like you.

Just admit it, you see things one-sided.
Just admit it.

kevoncox3855d ago

They still haven't even added add ingame messaging, videos.
I doubt that sony has the time to do it. MS' new console will be out by 2011 or 2012

GiantEnemyCrab3855d ago

Nice owning Breakfast. And let me take it one step further.

This is about the PSN Store and Xbox Live Marketplace which are FREEEEEEEE on both systems.

RecSpec3855d ago

People claim to hate DLC, but they will defend their company's store to the death, fascinating stuff.

sonarus3854d ago

In terms of features i doubt the ps3 will ever surpass xbox live however they will probably end up doing everything xbox live does one way or the other. At the end of the day, the dividing factor will be free vs 50 bucks a yr. Once the basic features are there, no matter how shiny 360 features are, free is still free

Amanosenpai3854d ago

Its strong posibility if SONY hurry and MS acts like a dumb ass...

And yea that wont happen...WHY, cause Microsoft ace is the LIVE service.

Strong competition for online superiority, at the end, is great for gammers.

gaffyh3854d ago

It'll probably end up being OK, although I don't really see a problem with the current store, but I just gotta say that seems like a very biased site, every story I've seen from them completely bashes the 360 and promotes PS3. Lol.

MicroDeath SoftStar3854d ago

PSN is already better then Xbox live , only thing live has on psn is in game texting+invites . In Every other way psn is Far better

Lifendz3854d ago

First off, I stated to you several times before that yes XBL is better but for the money you pay for it the difference isn't worth me at least and to many others. I bet if MS gave people a choice of paying for XBL as it is or getting a PSN level of functions for free a good number of people would opt for the latter.

Second, I know not every Xbox owner has just one console. What the heck does that have to do with anything? Whether you own one or both consoles you're still paying for live if you have a gold membership. Because this person might own a PS3 I can't talk about them paying for live?

Do me a favor and ignore me. Tired of you twisting my words into something they're not.

xhairs3854d ago

"so there saying there gonna make psn live better then xbox live i got 2 words U WISH"

It's not called PSN Live, because we don't have to pay for it. ; )

athlon7703854d ago

Has anyone else noticed that we, the humble pawns of this game, are merely egged on by these obvious flame war articles?

It is a re-vamp of the PSN store, nothing more that what just happened with the last firmware update to the XBL front where they moved everything around supposedly making things easier to find, Sony needed this as the web based interface just was not cutting it. But fellas, one of you is going to have a aneurism if you don't relax about this mine -vs- yours attitude.

BrianC62343854d ago

I have one word for you, ape.

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TheExecutive3855d ago

i guess the point is, is that you have a better service but when it comes right down to playing games online NO ONE does it better than the PSN.

What game on the 360 has dedicated servers that are always up that you can play on?

Warhawk and resistance proves that the online gameplay of the psn is better than the live service so many people prescibe to.

When it comes right down to playing games online on the PSN is free, it has dedicated servers, and its a lot more respectful than the 360's service. There is no denying this.

When the PSN evolves to have ingame chat, voice, and music. Not only that but it has accomplishments and has a trophy system to emphasize the accomplishments and on top of all that HOME, which by anyone who knows what they are talking about, will change online gaming as they know it;

how, after all of this (by the end of the year) will you justify the LIVE experience?

Sayai jin3854d ago

I hve both services. Paying for live is a miniscule. It's like $4 a month, price of a combo meal at Mickey D's. When PSN improves or if I see the improvements that I want I would not mind paying for that service. People awlays try to compare XBL and PSN, but it is an unfair comparison. One, XBL has been perfecting itself for 5 years and counting, the PS3's PSN is relatively new (1 1/2 years). With that said I still thin PSN should have more basic features. Two, PSN is free XBL cost $50 USD. If you into just playing a game PSN will suffice with no problem and the dedicated servers are nice, but I always lag a lot playing UT3, who knows a just that one game not the others. If you want to chat, chat in game, download music while playing a just that one game not the game, watch movies while chatting, chatting with somene while you are in another gaem, video chatting, download movies, videos, TV shows, in game custom soundtrack, check who's playing on XBL while you are on your PC, no what everyone is doing instantly, send invites and join invites instantly in everygame, the list goes on and on. Thats how justify it. Will the PSN improve also, hell yeah, but XBL is steadily improving also.

wow4u3854d ago

"dedicated servers"

I have to ask, what the fcuk does that mean? You people say that as if you know what the hell you're talking about.

You throw that "oh, its got dedicated servers" like it means something. Lets be serious, there are more LIVE subscribers (that is how it is spelt btw) than there are PS3s in the world, dont you think it takes a few "dedicated servers" to support that?

Dont be daft. And dont presume to armchair-engineer the L1/L2 networking methodology for Microsoft. I'm quite confident that they know what they are doing, and you do not.

xhairs3854d ago

There is a difference between DEDICATED SERVERS, PEER 2 PEER, and a MASTER SERVER.

You see, EVERY server, no matter who hosts it, if it's dedicated or not, has to connect to the MASTER SERVER.

Your PEER 2 PEER server's that you claim are such a wonderful thing, (and assuming by what you said, think have "dedicated" servers) is nothing more than what it is...P2P.

Have you ever played a PC game only to find out you can't get into a server? Or even see a list of servers? Hell, Call of Duty 2 about 3 years after it's release had 2 days of no play due to maintenance on the master server.

Jeebus man...

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toughNAME3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

that like many other things, Sony goes for Flash instead of Substance.

Breakfast3855d ago

Whats with all these agrees? I guess we'll call mulligan on this comment too.

toughNAME3855d ago

it's because I refused to say it, I'm tricky like that.

It's also because this site is full of Cross bots!

(you know that's fair!)

Spinner3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

Don't mind toughname, he's one of those passive aggressive Canadian trolls. Rarer than shiny pokemon.

toughNAME3855d ago

I'm the gateway of sincerity

cmrbe3855d ago

to explain then why Sony brand name generally goes together with quality and innovation?.

GiantEnemyCrab3855d ago

You just gotta love someone with the name "3FIXME" pointing out trolls..

Look in the mirror much??

At least I can admit it that I am a troll.. Well I'm a crab but I have troll in my blood.

Breakfast3855d ago

This is the reason i like xbox fans...theyre freakn hilarious.

"I'm the gateway of sincerity" Cmon how can you disagree with that.

"At least I can admit it that I am a troll.. Well I'm a crab but I have troll in my blood."

Who writes for you guys??? Both of you, you guys are my heros.

deadshark13854d ago

tell me about it you know how the condemed demo well xbox live still not got that lol we got it 3' 2' weeks ago and there was another person ehhhhh.... thats it gaffyh: 'i dont c a problem with the store the now' WAT THE HELL! i mean i think a few good games warhawk, the ageny, home, gt5 prolouge, good games but last week they were a whole day late and 1nce we got this update that was so crap two videos what the **** so damn crap please we need an update for this damn store something to make it more enjoyable i mean xbox live gets online demos all the time what do we get 1 since march 2007 lost planet i seen my bro play battlefeild the old 1 online amazing that would make sonys customers happyier if there was more demos and why the hell do sony not give a **** about europe thank you sony we need this update.

wow4u3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

"Care to explain then why Sony brand name generally goes together with quality and innovation?. "

Bwhahahahah. Sony makes 2 products that arent a laughing stock: TVs and PS. And, now that they've moved to LCD for their TV, I'd say were approaching one.

Sony's audio products are abysmal. Its PCs overpriced. Its portable players (DAPs etc) & cellphones a laughing stock. Sony is well known to be anti-competitive and anti-customer, they regularly try and lock its customers into proprietary formats (and they only managed to save bluray by helping pay off its MPAA partners ($400M to WB for instance)).

Walk into any quality Audio/Visual and try and say "sony is quality and innovation" and they'll laugh you out of the place.

Now, as a gamer, I'm happy for Sony's entry to compete with Nintendo w/ PS1. I own 3 PS2s (all broken at the moment unfortunately) and enjoyed my PS2 a great deal.

Sony has anything but a reputation for "quality and innovation".

le killer3854d ago

frontlines runs pretty damn good on dedicated servers which are running 24/ your research first please!

and come now, resistance and warhawk run on dedicated servers for a couple of obvious reasons. firstly they have high player counts and very few people would be able to host them numbers. and secondly(which i'm speculating at) is probably because it was something to try and make their service seem in some way superior to live?! just look at the fanboys on here who claim the very same thing!!!!

big player number games require dedicated servers! they run smoother, and not everyone has 3meg+ upload connections to host them!

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TrevorPhillips3855d ago

wait actually it will be good for games like GTA IV, Metal gear online, restistance 2 and many more

Hagaf223855d ago

i wonder how long ms is going to continue charging for their services? its incredible how much sonys listening to consumers while microsoft seemingly doesn't put forth as much effort. it seems sony cares about consumers(maybe not devs), ms cares about money.

PopEmUp3855d ago

but at lease sony listen to their wants and put more effort in improving its features and content unlike M$

TheHater3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

I pay 50 dollars a year for xbox live. I pay 0 dollars a year for the PSN. Sony isn't charging for their online services.

They profit from our feedback, we get a better online experience.

omodis4203855d ago

they don't really care about consumers. They just want to sell more consoles and products on the store. It always has and always will be about money. That is just the way the world works. I am a fan of Sony, but I do not for one second think they want my opinion for anything more than a way to find out how they can profit better.

Bnet3433855d ago

Yeah, you're right. MS never updates Xbox Live, or adds any new features. Those bastards! >_<

cmrbe3855d ago

should care foremost about its customers as the customers are the ones that gives them their money.

The Lazy One3854d ago

The reason you don't notice the XBL changes is because they're for the most part smaller. They already have all the groundwork built, that they don't need to add so many new features. They've been adding a lot of streamlining and background features almost every fall and spring since the 360s launch though.

background downloads, downloads while the console is turned off, auto-downloads, video chat, and XNA are all improvements made to XBL since 360's launch.

tbh, I'd say the opposite as Sony is still working on home without solving the problem of a unified service with cross-game communication/connectivity.

lawgone3854d ago

Nice fanboy post hagaf22. Can you please go to the open section?

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