Dell Plans to Slash 8,800 Jobs, Cut $3 Billion in Costs

Dell reported an $11.6B profit last year, but the company apparently isn't satisfied -- it just announced a plan to shave off $3B in costs over the next three years. As you'd expect, it's going to take a little more than off-brand soda and thrift store uniforms to achieve the sqeeze: 6,500 jobs are due to be eliminated (on top of 3,200 already cut) and a desktop manufacturing plant in Austin is scheduled to close as well.

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Blasphemy4245d ago

Dell PCs are overpriced and I think people are starting to realize that now.

Milkman5414244d ago

Dell PC's can be price right if you find the right deals at the right times..The problem with them is their customer service, and their horrible parts they use in their PC's...and yes fu<k you Bush...

Aleusia4244d ago

What does this have to do with video games?

bumnut4244d ago

err... because you can play video games on a dell perhaps

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