Games ruined my life...

While sensible commentators continue to consider the implications of last week's Byron Report on child safety in the digital age, some sections of the British press are already advertising for sensationalist confessions they can serialise across their grubby pages.

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TrevorPhillips3850d ago

of course games will ruin your life if ur on it 24/7

TrevorPhillips3850d ago

and its always better to play games on weekends only not weekdays

GCO Gamer3850d ago

i really don't know what to say

Jazzzz3850d ago

I don't know about you guys...

but i have been playing violent video games since around the tender age of 9 ( i am now 21) and i don't know if i'm weird or something... but i don't get the urge to run around killing people... throw my dog in the pool and hold it's head under water... or set my grand mother a-blaze... maybe i'm just that weird, because, i mean DUH, obviously politicians are right...right?