GameSpy: Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor Preview

The mark of a great strategy game expansion pack is whether it enhances the player's strategic options without making the game significantly more complex or difficult to play. A lot of strategy expansions collapse due to new units that require too much player attention or mechanics that slow the game down without much benefit. That's the major reason that Twilight of the Arnor, the latest expansion pack for Galactic Civilizations II, has us so excited.

Twilight of the Arnor has a laundry list of new stuff to play with, including world-destroying Terror Stars, new customization options, new music, a new campaign, and much more. Despite that, when we sat down to play the "beta 6" version of Twilight of the Arnor we found all our play time consumed with digging into the implications of a feature we've covered before -- unique racial technology trees.

-Unique technology trees
-Vastly expanded strategic options
-New ascension feature

-AI seems a bit passive
-Ascension victory not yet implemented

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