Playstation Store Redesign: No Mouse Pointer, Dynamic Changes


"Over the next couple of weeks things will function as usual on the PlayStation Store, but no new downloads will be made available as Sony is in the middle of updating the store's interface.

Due to arrive in mid-April, the store's new design is intended to make navigation of content easier by adding more categories and allowing more space per page to list items.

In addition, the store will lose its previous web interface, embedding itself into the Playstation 3 for faster loading. Noel Silvia lets us in on some other goodies on the Playstation Blog, telling us that the store will dynamically change each time you enter, though the background will currently remain the same. Moreover, the mouse pointer is on its way out. Navigating the new store will now be more like scrolling through a menu."

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rCrysis4478d ago

store looks awesome. Sony's giving us PS3 owners a taste of whats new for 2008.

Now only if they release HOME soon...

Genesis54478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

Yep! Looks pretty spiffy. Now how about some PSN prepaid cards to purchase with.

I don't like to use my credit card on the net.

sonarus4478d ago

Well i don't really care for psn cards but i understand it is a necessary alternative and i have no clue why sony hasn't worked this out yet.

As for the store, essentially we get nothing till GT5 is out which will also arrive with mgs beta and to commemorate the whole thing a resistance 2 trailer(hopefully). Maybe just maybe they can get around to giving us daily updates instead of just thursdays

C_SoL4478d ago they mean a open demo kind of like the Lost Planet Multiplayer Demo but their just approving on it, that's why its a beta? Basiccally what I'm asking is if its an open or closed beta?

sonarus4478d ago

Well it is an open beta. Closed beta was last yr. However since they can't let everyone into the beta, you will need to pre order a copy of mgs4 and hope you get the metal gear saga vol 2 cd which has the beta code on the back. I suggest pre ordering from game crazy and not game stop as they seem to have them right now

SlyGuy4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

"Well i don't really care for psn cards but i understand it is a necessary alternative"

Actually for persons like me who do not live in any of the major zones (US, Japan, Europe), we have NO OTHER alternative!

All we can do is WAIT for Sony to release the damn psn cards (which imo -and as you hinted at- should have been released a long time ago!). SIGH, I thought for sure we would get em in January.

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pwnsause4478d ago

i guess with this redesign now, its not long until the PSN cards get released

Premonition4478d ago

The power of the cell baby :)

dktxx24478d ago

This shows that Sony's not afraid of change, and are listening to what people want more and more, as well as evolving to fit the consumer's wants.

ChrisGTR14478d ago

this redesign look extreemely similar to xbox marketplace. just like it in fact, but blue.

Qbanboi4478d ago

Man, i have never seen XBOX LIVE marketplace like in real life. But if it's anything like the one that apears on that pic. I don't see that "extreemely" similarity to PSN. Yeah, they both have the Menu to the Left. But that's it. Go to this this links, and compare by youself. The new look kicks some mayor ass.

PirateThom4478d ago

Good, because PS Store is a pain to navigate compared to Marketplace. The fact it's not linked to the OS is also a little annoying.

PopEmUp4478d ago

PSN is upto with new styles

C_SoL4478d ago

marketplace. Notice the reflection throughout the bottom & look at the backround. I hope Sony throws in that new backround in the PSSt., so it could work(move)throughout the XMB just like the original one & hopefully it changes colors.

tweaker4478d ago

LOL. It looks nothing like Live's marketplace.

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