8 Things That Suck About Game Reviews

Who do reviewers think they're kidding when they rate a game out of 100? Do they honestly feel that they're able to distinguish between games down to individual percentage points? They can't. Reviewing games is not a scientific process, so using such enormous scales is quite frankly ridiculous. All it does is give fodder to fanboys to argue that their chosen game is 1% better than another.

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Asurastrike4247d ago

1. Bias
2. Pay offs
3. Hype
4. Fanboys
5. Opinions
6. Inconsistency
7. Pointlessness
8. Personal preference

That's my list. :)

Breakfast4247d ago

Without reviews what would you do?... At least the overall number (meta-critic) helps the consumer to not go in blindly buying a game.

I dont buy games based on reviews, but they sure do help alot.

Asurastrike4247d ago


Without reviews I would buy games exactly how I do now. I would buy games based on whether I liked them or not.

How did I buy games before I had internet? I saw a game that I liked and I bought it.

The gaming GOD4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

I see where Breakfast is coming from. Some people DO take those reviews into account. And it's not like people have the money to purchase every game they want. So reviews might help weed out the good from the bad games.

But overall, people need to stop depending on sites and try stuff out for themselves. You have to keep in mind, these reviews are human just like the rest of us. With that said, they do have their own personal biases that DO play a part in their reviews. And if you listen to some other person's opinion rather than obtaining your own, you will miss out on many things in life period. Not just games.

People are just better off renting games and having their OWN 'review' rather than taking into account the reviews of these sites and magazines. I mean honestly, sometimes a good review score is given JUST for the sake of advertising money. And we all remember what happened when a review DID give an honest review on a game (remember Gretsmann and the kane and lynch review), you get fired or something.

So yeah, do yourself a favor and formulate an opinion of your own.

Breakfast4247d ago

Heres my view...and i agree with both of you.

When your exited about a game and you know the release date, your gonna buy it on the first day. Just like seeing big movies and crap like that. But what if that game turns out bad. It has so-and-so issues with it. Reading reviews will change your opinion on that first day purchase. And instead of purchase you rent it first, and see how things go from there.

Thats where im coming from when i say they're helpful

Big Jim4247d ago

You say that you "buy games based on whether you like them or not", but how do you know whether you like them before you buy them? Do you rent every game before you buy it? Do you only buy games that a friend of yours buys and you get to play? You say "I saw a game that I liked and I bought it". What? How do you know you "liked it"? I really don't know if you mean you always rent games first, or if you just base your judgment on previews or commercials. I definitely don't always agree with reviewers (halo 3), but its good to have reviews to look at in addition to word of mouth or renting.

Gorgon4246d ago

Reviews are important. The problem is the methods of reviewing games. Games should be reviewd like books or movies. The review text should be the most important part of the review and them reviewers shoul give a "relative" qualification for the game based on, say, a 5 stars parameter. Something purely relative, not percentage based or even from 1-10 with fractions. Thats quite pointless.

Art is nor reviewd with 1-100 or 1-10 scales. And neither games should be.

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name4247d ago

They should just take away the scores imo then people would READ the reviews first to see if they like a game.

gEnKiE4247d ago

Alright...enough with the dam lists.....

IdleLeeSiuLung4247d ago

I like reviews and especially sites like metacritic and gamerankings. I have never bought a game receiving great scores on metacritic/gamerankings that is terrible or scored way above or way below what I think it should.

I think metacritic/gamerankings smooths out any bias and it is much harder for game companies to buy out the whole game review industry. You might be able to do it with a few magazines....

Many times, I would not have tried a game, but because of excellent reviews across the board I tried. An example is Bioshock, I did not like the time period and the setting, but once I tried it could not put down the controller. That game is simply amazing. I might just buy a copy since I'm borrowing this one from a friend!

Horny Melon4247d ago

Games rarely rank below a 6.5 and if they do it's because of one of two things. It comes from a small developer/publisher that isn't going to hurt the reviewer by blacklisting them. Or two, half the critics have already called it a crappy game. Need an example Assassins creed. The game was gorgeous but it was repetitive and running back and forth through mostly empty middle space was boring. Not to mention it's B movie plot line. Yet it got great numbers from almost everyone. Why? The developer and publisher.

As for breaking things down and giving an accumulative score of 100. This is the best way to cater to all readers. For instance how a game ranks in content (stuff to do) is far more important to me than graphics. In fact graphics rank pretty low on my list of what I look for in a game. Some people don't care about AI they don't want an uber hard enemy they want to enjoy the progress and story of the game.

Not breaking a game down by category makes a review almost useless. Because your left to decide if the games good enough in by rooting through the careful ,advertiser pleasing, wording.

This is the very reason I started Oddly enough I haven't done one review in the month my blog has been up. Mainly due to the fact that since it's not full time I'm not going to waste what little free time I have on games I don't care about.

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