GTA Warehouse rejects Electronic Arts' offer as inadequate

The administration of GTA Warehouse has thoroughly reviewed Electronic Arts Inc.'s conditional offer with the assistance of a financial advisor and unanimously determined that the $1.74M cash offer is inadequate in multiple respects and contrary to the best interests of GTA Warehouse's visitors and members. Accordingly, GTA Warehouse recommends that members not contribute any of their own finances to reclaiming GTA Warehouse's ownership.

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Fishy Fingers4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

Oops, didnt mean to comment :( Ummm better say something now..

I love games o_O

SL1M DADDY4247d ago

I guess... Is this a site well frequented by my fellow N4G folks?

CBaoth4247d ago

May get others like Activision, MS, and Sony involved. We can only pray. Either way, I hate EA but it seems from all reports - the bumbling ineffienciency (sp) of Take 2 all but ensures us of the impending new ownership of R*

JohnnyMann4204246d ago

I guess they were trying to get as much press as GTAForums did with their "prank"....but they forgot of an important rule..... PEOPLE HAVE TO KNOW WHO THE HELL YOU ARE TO CARE.

shine13964246d ago

erm yeh...who do you say you were, again?

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