Video games: I'll never buy one

The Times is running a new opinion piece today from Giles Whittell.

"This is not because of anything wrong or bad about video games or heroin or teenage parents. It's not even because of game-induced homicide or web-grooming of little girls by perverts - serious problems, but statistically low-risk. It's because, compared with everything else on offer in a kid's life, video games and heroin and teenage pregnancy are a colossal waste of time."

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FishFingers3851d ago

This is one of the most disgustingly offensive posts I have ever read. It's not the sort of thing I would expect from a "quality" newspaper like The Times and it really shows that Byron was indeed right about one thing - parents are completely ignorant.

Comparing video games to heroin is offensive to everyone who plays and makes these products. I think that Mr Whittell would find that if he actually researched video games, he'd find many products which are supportive of a child's learning (those Nintendo consoles you speak of feature many games with objectives set firmly in maths and reading) along with many more which provide some of the finest entertainment around.

I think it is time that Giles Whittell apologised to the millions of people who play games in the UK (yes, the Byron review did NOT solely focus on England as he so mistakenly tries to convince us) and accepted that he does not have the parenting skills required to allow his children to enjoy games in moderation.

fenderputty3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

lol ... You mean both won't kill you if you do too much? These articles are lame.

I guess home-slice here never watches TV because that's just as big of a waste of time. Must not like movies either? Unless this douche does nothing but study, be productive and read to better his worldly knowledge, he has no room to criticize. Let alone compare gaming to the most addictive and destructive drug there is.

Genesis53851d ago

What a colossal waste of time reading that article was. So I guess watching a movie or reading a book equates to the same thing. They are all forms of entertainment that people use to relax. Another person that just has no idea what playing a game is like now.

BLUR1113851d ago

another case of the media feeding off the people's misery. it's sad its like video games are like drugs nowdays the way alot of people see it, but yet there's senseless war but its normal for society the media says

Yi-Long3851d ago

... for many MANY people, it's a very valuable way of spending their spare time, either alone or with friends/family.

Plus, it's a billion-dollar industry, providing work for many MANY thousands of people (probably millions), and thus also making lots of money for the country, and thus the people.

Kinda sad that a newspaper singles out videogames as waste of time, cause TBH the same could be said about pretty much every hobby, using those same arguments. It also bypasses/neglects all the positive influences of games on people, while stating some very rare negatve ones...

Dumb article. Probably written by a clueless, bitter old guy...

g-nome3851d ago

And soap operas and mindless television enjoyed by billions every day contributes to society in what way?
Games are just more addictive cause they are a hell of a lot more fun than tv.
It's all good for those who can control their addiction.

Evil Rant Monkey3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

<What really is wasting time?)

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