Sprint's Samsung Instinct First Hands On and iPhone Comparison

Gizmodo writes:

"Sprint's Instinct is so special the carrier is holding its own super special event. Unfortunately, it hasn't quite finished baking, so the full feature set wasn't entirely ready to go-we had to visit different "stations" to check out each feature individually to keep us from diving too deep. The iPhone-challenging visual voicemail, for instance, ain't quite live. Plus, it locked up when I was messing around with the music store, and needed a hard reset for the more money shot voice command features, which still didn't quite work (or finding a McDonald's is just too much). And the web browser doesn't, um, touch mobile Safari, at least not in its present state."

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TriggerHappy4445d ago

hmm, doesn't sound like it will be doing any killing soon...

wageslave4445d ago

Leave it to Gizmodo to hold its Apple loyalty always. They forgive every apple fault and use every other product to compare in favor of apple.

gizmodo == waste of space.

eagle214445d ago

but for people looking for a cheaper yet spiffy "knock-off" this will fit the bill.

mirroredderorrim4445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )

Thing is. I own an Iphone and an AT&T tilt. Talk as much S*** as you want about Apple, but the Iphone was a god send, it's over priced, but very simple, powerful and the new SDK along with having the option to unlock.. it's a no brainer. I'd love this phone more if it was international. (maybe anysim unlock?)

Samsung and all the other phones with "touch technology" will just have to keep trying.
They can make very cool features that are better than the Iphone, but if the simplicity is lost it might not be enough to compete. A buddy of mine knows what the Iphone is and we were checking out a commercial for the new Nokia phone with "touch tech" First words that came out of *his* mouth was " Iphone did that first"

He's not even into tech or anything of that sort, but he knows what he knows off advertisements.
I'm not saying Apple is the best, but usually people that put apple down are so far stuck up windows butt, they need a weight to help them fall out.

For me that weight was Vista. I'm now exploring options with Ubuntu/XP for dual boot.
I can run Xp right now on the Imac, for now, Which is nice.

Kaneda4445d ago

If Apple is so bad.. why are other companies copying them...

like this one...

and the article above...

TheExodus4445d ago

Couldn't agree more. Windows CE/Mobile has been around for well over a decade & they're just now getting around to giving it a "real" web browser. I guess Microsoft's definition of "innovation" is "catch up before anyone notices you weren't first."

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