How 2008 Will Define the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 Generation

So far, this generation has remained undefined. But that's about to change.

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Breakfast4514d ago (Edited 4514d ago )

Good article.

User-created content FTW

Edit: @ Below...Free FTW

Harry1904514d ago

agree,as long as it's free and easily accessible.

Shaka2K64514d ago

Theres no need to define anything.
we all know Sony PS3 has the best exclusive AAAs games for the future, both nintendo and xbox will never ever have a chance againts Sony in the gaming world.

the real battle is between nintendo and xbox, though its looking like xbox unlike last gen. where is finished in 2nd,
this time is going backwards and at the end of the gen. x360 will finished a distand 3rd.

Ureval4514d ago

Im so tired of fanboyism, and not just Sony fans, Im talking everyone.

Its too soon to say anything for sure. Sony and Nintendo have the installed base, but Xbox has been putting too many AAA titles out to brush them off so easily the way you have. What the hell do you gain if Sony has more gains then Xbox? Have you played any Xbox games? They are putting out some damn fine titles, and its just stupid to talk the way that you do, because good games are good FOR GAMERS, it doesnt matter what console they are on.

Take your ignorant comments to the open zone dude. For everyone else, I say heres hoping the next five years bring the best games, with more great stories, on ALL platforms out there.

MrWonderful4514d ago (Edited 4514d ago )

putting all fanboyism aside i honestly think the ps3 will emerge on top. once sony fixes the issues at hand in game xmb and donloads from the psn dont take forever 360 will be finished. all because sony allows user created content. i do have to give to the 360 with the games thus far, but in terms in whats left to come after this year it looks like just a hand full of games are left for the console. and being a fan of rpgs the only reason i got a 360 was for blue dragon,lost odessey, and mass effect. most of the others will make there way to the ps3 so ill wait

The Killer4514d ago

and the highest probability is with the PS3!!

you've got
Motorstorm 2
white night story
resistance 2

and more

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Fishy Fingers4514d ago

To me, LBP will be the first true "next-gen" game. It allows you, me, everyone to create they;re own little world and share it with anyone who cares to take the time.

^^This is new, fancy graphics are not. The PC offered that many moons before any console.

wiizy4514d ago

then its already decided .. wii won 08

Harry1904514d ago

2 species facing extinction:

proud nintendo fanatics and
polar bears.

how sad.

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Intrepid4513d ago

I'd say the controls for Metroid Prime 3 were fairly revolutionary for a console. Sure, similar controls have been used on the PC for many years, but bringing them to a console was great. I think Metroid Prime has the best FP controls for a console ever.

eagle214514d ago

Seriously people are going to be floored. You haven't seen anything yet. There are some videos on gametrailers that are fairly new, one talking to a designer (he wears glasses and kind of stout) of the game. Watch that. He talks about Home, franchises allowing user content, and that the indutsry can't wait. Me either! Read the comments on gametrailers too1

TheEndzor4514d ago

was this the video?

looks great!! i cant wait for this lol

PimpHandHappy4514d ago


will be defined as the year Sony made themselfs a community. Games like Socom MGS GT5 RFOM2 Warhawk will be the tip of the spear. Sony will make online gaming fresh

The 360 will sell more systems then they did in 07! It will be the first time they will have not dropped in sales year after year after launch. This will be driven by a price drop that no one will match till the holidays. They will have Gears to but some space between 07 numbers

Wii fit will be the only thing really hyped and succed in LARGE numbers for nintendo! The DS will be neck and neck in total sales by the end of 08 with the PSP. The Wii will 2 real games for gamers all year! IF THAT

PC gaming will hang in there but they cant count on hype to sell the games. They just need killer NON-FPS games

2008 is the year Sony puts there cape on the back on the throne!

2009 is when they take the Wii and sit them at the kiddie table and take this gen sales crown back from the 360

-EvoAnubis-4514d ago

Once Home and in-game messaging hits (hopefully soon), it'll put an exclamation point on the community aspect they're trying to build. XBL already has a community aspect, and PSN is just starting to spread its wings.

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