Gamertell is, like, so totally 1982 for April Fool's Day

In honor of April Fool's Day, Gamertell has gone retro, covering the day like it's so, like, totally April 1, 1982.

1982 was considered the beginning of the end of the second generation of videogame consoles, generating a product glut that would ultimately cause the industry to crash in 1993.

Gamertell has already posted a preview of Tron Deadly Discs for the Atari VCS, a review of the Wico Command Control Joystick, a rad McDonald's mail-in offer, a Shark! Shark! limited supply announcement and the latest catalog of Atari's games. One writer even feigns naivety and asks, "Will video games based on movies ever suck?"

It's, like, totally rad.

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rbanke4484d ago

does this guy think everyone talked like a valley girl in 1982 or something?

pjeigh4483d ago

"This guy" does not think that. It just gets the 1980s era point across.

Iamback4483d ago

omg i had same(one from pic) joystick back in the day