Samsung's 3G Instinct takes on the iPhone: iPhone Killer?

LAS VEGAS - With its sleek design, flashy menus, haptic feedback, and full-on 3G access, this touchscreen delight for Sprint users looks to be one of the strongest iPhone competitors to date. Read on for my hands-on impressions.

Announced Tuesday here at CTIA, the Instinct (set for release in mid-June) looks like a virtual clone of the iPhone, but it delivers many of the features missing from Apple's red-hot handset, including 3G access for speedy browsing and downloads, a replaceable battery, expandable memory, and haptic feedback for the touchscreen - that is, a slight vibration each time you tap the screen. This key feature is sorely missing on the iPhone.

I got an early, hands-on look at the Instinct a couple of weeks ago in New York, and I have to say, it's the most impressive iPhone contender I've seen yet-or at least until I try out LG's touchscreen Vu, which is also set to debut here at CTIA.

The Instinct certainly scores in the looks department, with its smooth, jet-black face (à la the iPhone) and 3-inch display, along with three keys-Back, Home, and Call-just beneath.

Measuring 4.6" by 2.2" by 0.49", the Instinct is a tad narrower but a bit thicker than the iPhone, and it's also a bit lighter, weighing in at 4.4 ounces.

The Instinct's sleek, animated touch interface looks promising, if still a bit rough-and-ready. The unit I tried was still in the testing stage, so I'll hold off on direct iPhone comparisons until I've seen a final device.

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Fishy Fingers4244d ago

Iphone killer? Iphone clone.

Apple now has the "homebrew support" needed to give their phone longevity like homebrew has for the PSP with some. Unless Samsung release an SDK I dont think it has a leg to stand on.

eagle214244d ago

Someone will buy

decapitator4244d ago

*sigh*...The formula to beat the iPhone is to not copy it. This looks nothing more than a clone with a few more touch ups.

IzKyD13314244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

wow, i can understand why companies would try to mimic some of the iPhone's features, but to flat out COPY the iPhone is just sad.....

GCO Gamer4244d ago

i love my iphone better so i will stick with that.

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The story is too old to be commented.