Microsoft Losing its Way on Desktop, Apple Good to Go

Based on comments from Redmond executives, Microsoft's vision for the next generation desktop seems to be losing focus compared to Apple, according to David Morgenstern at ZDNet on Tuesday.

Recent presentations from Microsoft strategists have focused on the Surface input technology and software as a service (SaS). The problem is that neither of these pie-in-the-sky approaches remotely address the needs of users.

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decapitator4246d ago

Things have not been looking very peachy for Microsoft in the PC world at all.

Fishy Fingers4246d ago

The only and I mean only reason I still run windows is for gaming. With consoles making ground on that front everyday there is beginning to be little need for a "heavy" desktop.

Realistically what do most people use their PC for, internet, emails, bit of word processing. It's these "most people" or the mass market that hold the mass money (see what i did there) and this is where windows/MS is beginning to lose it's grip.

The futures bright, the future might possibly be Apple and I for one wont appose it.

Shaka2K64246d ago

Peter moore was very smart to skip the sinking ship early before it got alot worst.

Jrome4246d ago

Yawn. Windows all day everyday. Until Apple exceeds a price drop of 20 dollars and gives me something good for around 800. Also after they stop being propriety b-words, tighten up security, and stop holding nose up to consumers. Other people may like to follow trends, but I like to go with who still gives me the good deal.

and @ Fishy Fingers

The mass market doesn't hold money. Rich people do and they buy mac. The mass market buys PC. Then there are the trend setters who will drive up their credit card bills. The future holds Windows/Linux for me.

Kyur4ThePain4246d ago

Thanks for referring to me as "rich".

Fishy Fingers4246d ago

Your not comparing Apple to Windows, your comparing Apple to ALL PC hardware manufacturers when you talk price. MS dont, design, source, build, market, sell a complete PC, they make software.

If you want to talk price, compare their OS's, you might even find Apple are cheaper.

If MS were to sell you a complete "MS branded" out of the box PC, hardware, software the lot, i assure you they wouldnt be any cheaper than a Mac.

eagle214246d ago

Losing it's way
Keeps losing it's way
losing it's way
Can you help me find it's way?

It keeps breaking down
watchin the world go round'
and it's dreams go down
is anybody out there?

mirroredderorrim4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

The company will never be the same without Bill Gates.

I know what you're saying, man. People don't get that Apple puts out the entire package. Software/Hardware.

This aside, I'd never try to run such godly content as Crysis or Bioshock on an Imac.
That's what quad SLI rigs are for, and the such. :P

I'd like to see Apple come out with configurable hardware, more than it is now (which is next to non-existent)
Seeing as how developers are relying less and less on the API to handle things graphically, that shouldn't be too far off... least I think so.

EZCheez4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

Here's what microsoft has to say about it.

IntelligentAj4246d ago

Sorry to steal another one of your images but that is desktop material!!!!

EZCheez4246d ago

Including this pic. There's a ton of hilarious stuff on that site.

IntelligentAj4246d ago

Thanks man some hilarious stuff on that site.

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The story is too old to be commented.