Fall dash update by October 31?

Reader Thomas Meyer applies simple logic to Major Nelson's latest podcast and deduces that the Fall Dashboard Update should be out by next Tuesday:

Major Nelson says [76:20] that you cannot use the new Xbox 360 Wireless Communicator on a retail Xbox 360 yet and he tried it on his developer kit. Since the Communicator is scheduled for release on October 31st and people should be able to use it on that day, it's logical to assume that the Fall Update must be distributed no later than Oct 31st. Right?

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2tired2day2hate4471d ago

i think there will be an update for the device itself like the comment said on that page

Marriot VP4471d ago

my 360 VGA's on the way here, yippeee

zonetrooper54471d ago

I'm using the VGA cable to use my PC monitor and the graphics are so much better than they were on my SD TV which is LCD.

The Milkman4471d ago

Yea man once I hooked up my VGA cable to my LCD HD TV you can see a huge difference.

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