Halo: Will The Master Chief Be A Movie Star?

After three different scripts, the Halo movie has fallen into development hell due to "cockblocking" from the control freaks at Microsoft. So screenwriter Stuart Beattie (G.I. Joe) has decided to try and break the logjam by writing a Halo script on spec. Minor spoilers ahead.

Based on the Fall of Reach prequel novel, Beattie's script follows a soldier named John from his conscription into the USNC to his transformation into the Master Chief. Then we see the horrific first contact with the Covenant, leading to the fall of the USNC base on Reach, which only the Master Chief survives. Beattie also has sketched out the plots for two sequels. Now will Microsoft pay attention?

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PopEmUp4247d ago

that Master Chief is the Green power Ranger

Alcaponeyou4247d ago

who would want a character without a face to be a star?

Fishy Fingers4247d ago

You a sucker for those rugged hunks huh?

protekjv4247d ago

V for vendetta............end of discussion.

Alcaponeyou4247d ago

master chef is the last person i want to see on the silver screen from a video game.


in halo: fall of reach; the master chiefs face is exposed for 3/4 of the film, dumbass

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TriggerHappy4247d ago

Well, you never know. Lets see how this turns out. Although history have shown that, video game based movies suck though.

decapitator4247d ago

Well who knows? It could turn out to be good. If peter Jackson was heading this project, I would have full confidence in it but unfortunately he is not So I really don't know.

Sayai jin4247d ago

The way I Figure it is only a matter of time. Will it do well in theatres, Yes! The Halo fan base is huge. Will it be a good movie, Who Knows??? A lot of game to movie adaptations have gone shouth and be not so good to awful. Peter Jackson's name give is some incredibility and the story is already there. Will see.

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The story is too old to be commented.