Eight Hours of Cutscenes in GTA IV

According to PlanetGTA:
The BBFC have been given seven hours and forty-three minutes of cutscenes so they could properly review the game.
The five hours and twenty minutes of gameplay probably contained short clips of every questionable thing in the game, and is in no way representative of the total gameplay time, obviously. Also, there is no guarantee that all of the cutscenes were given to the board, but my guess is that they were. If you fail a mission in the game, you get different dialogue in the cutscenes the second time and maybe even more times, so several versions of each cutscene may have been sent to the BBFC.

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crazy250004246d ago

People were criticizing Kohjima for this, I bet 360 boys wont be saying anything negative about this

Blademask4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

Its fine for GTAiv to have 7 hours of cut scenes.
Its not fine for MGS to have 7 hours of cut scenes.

It has something to do with sony lying about 4d and the Killzone 2 cgi trailer. Hurt a bunch of feelings allegedly.

mesh14246d ago

i have a couple of points to make 1st kojima needs to take lesson in game design from rock star as this all fit in a dvd not to mention gta4 which is a much biger gamer and in depth than mgs4 in game programing terms , alsothe reason why people dont wine on gta for having 7hours cutscenes its because the game is pure GAMEPLAY HEAVEN 99.9% of gta is spent in the world exploring , so to have 7 hours of cutscenes is amazing for a game like gta4 as it does to many thing mgs4 does not do ill name a few radio stations,hundreds of vehicles u can enter ,thousands of peds in the city with remarkable a.i and detial and just to many thingsi can say not to mention the epic story and the multiplayer.

sonarus4246d ago

yawn mesh. lol bottom line is mgs4 is criticized for cut scenes but the bottom line is we all love cut scenes as long as they are interesting. However in the case of MGS a ps3 exclusive where you have to use whatever you can to deny the game greatness, it will be called out

IntelligentAj4246d ago

How the hell did they fit this on a DVD-9?!!

Fishy Fingers4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

The "cut scenes" are all done in engine, like MGS. This requires much less storage space.

The easiest example i can think of is Halo 3, when you save video of yourself, it's essentially the same.

kevoncox4246d ago

And yet MGS4 needs a 50 gig BRD...

MikeGdaGod4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

i don't think GTA4 looks all that great as far as graphics. thats why it was possible to fit this on dvd.

the gameplay will be crazy, but the graphics looks average (at best) to me. granted i haven't seen the game in person.

EDIT: @kevoncox

dude, there's no way you can compare GTA graphics with MGS graphics. MGS looks so good, it's like it's on a next-next gen system. i know GTA is going to be a great game, and it is the first game i pre-ordered in my entire life, but the latest trailer didn't impress me at all.

kevoncox4246d ago

So you think it's the graphics not the cgi movies that pick up the most space on a disc?

I don't ge people. If you would stop drink the sony kool aid you would all see how ridiculous it all sounds..

1) No Multiplat game has been more than 9gigs. The great URT3 1 dvd.
All these games are masterpeices. You can' honestly tell me that the graphics of MGS4 are light years over COD4 or Mass effect. The fact remains that the only time you hear about these outrage multi gig games are for Sony exclusives? HUmmmmm why is that? Motorstorm 18 gigs...clearly it couldn't be done 360!. Warhawk( great looking game) was 1 gig.
Hevenly sword - 18 gigs( 6 hours)

I'm saying it now, it's bulls**t and Sony fans are stupid for beliving it. Honestly.

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Breakfast4246d ago

LOL...its longer then some games...that is freakn massive. HOLY CRAP

Breakfast4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

I just got to thinking...2 hours worth of movie barely fit on a how does 7 hours (in hd) fit?

7 Hours, and the game, lol. You cant tell me they compressed it that much...there has to be magic involved.

etownone4246d ago

being an 360 owner, even i have to wonder, how in the hell did the fit the game, which i'm sure is huge, with all those hours of cutscens, onto a reg DVD?

crazy250004246d ago


lol its humor, dont get upset

solar4246d ago

wow lol!

crazy250004246d ago

You know it was coming :)

crazy250004246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

If you get lucky, your 360 can stop at the red light and then you can get the new ones with HDMI and more efficient

Thats what my roomate is waiting for =)

etownone4246d ago

here we go... the "red light" a.k.a. RROD jokes... you guys gotta sneak it in every chance you get huh?

well, in my case, i bought mine from best buy with their warrenty.

i traded my sh*t in just to get the HDMI output.... but they took out the free games.

p.s. we still the exclusive DLC :)

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well.. and you can correct me if i am wrong on this... but Kojima like using CGI mostly in MGS, while GTA is mostly ingame engine.

i could be wrong. still, years of development well spent i say. what excuse does kojima have for needed 50gig, if they put all that on DVD 9.

kevin11224246d ago

atleast know what you are talking about, mgs4 is all ingame engine as well.


i stand corrected.

like i said i was not sure.

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