Ten Reasons World of Warcraft Sucks

#10 PVE Attunement Sucks!
Who came up with the brilliant idea that players should have to become "attuned" to go into an instance? Talk about a lame time-sink! Instead of making these silly pre-conditions for entry into an instance, why doesn't Blizzard actually come up with more interesting PVE (Player versus Environment) content?

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Tyrael4246d ago

Reason #1: you have to pay monthly for it, much like a utility bill

Amanosenpai4246d ago

go to a private server ... its free ^_^

SlyGuy4246d ago

if they can use the same system guild wars uses?

That way I would actually give WOW a shot.

Amanosenpai4246d ago

I just dunt like it... its toony, repetitive, loads of not worthy items,boring pvp, repetitive quest, and takes loads of time.

Disagree if u want... its just my opinion and perception.

TitanUp4246d ago

og1 just go to don't have to pay monthly there and they have a super fun server instant 70 and all gear free pvp all day! its awesome

Prismo_Fillusion4246d ago

I'm going to spoil one line of this awful, whiny rant for the rest of you to see. This way no one will waste their time skimming this trash. Here's one of his idea's to make the game better:
"Let WoW players buy levels for gold."

So...moronic...I don't even have to explain why.

That being said, WoW *does* suck. Just not for any of this guy's 10 lame reasons.

Here are a few:
1. Cookie-cutter mold game.
2. Extremely simplistic systems (character stats, armor, etc).
3. Severe lack of individuality, especially at higher levels.

4246d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.