The Mystery Behind PlayStation 3's Sometimes Mandatory Installations

Tired of mandatory hard drive installs on PlayStation 3? Blame Blu-ray and DVD.

Capcom took a public stoning last month when "Devil May Cry 4? was released on PS3 with a mandatory 20-minute installation not necessary on Xbox 360.

Since then, Capcom VP of business development and strategic planning Christian Svennsson told me his company didn't realize the issue would "blow up." He says the company will take the response into account for future releases.

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Breakfast3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Look at the comments of Jonathon at the bottom of the article. Dont you wish you could disagree with him?

Edit: wtf dude??? do you really think im a fanboy? Maybe you should read my comment history. Just cause i like halo doesnt mean im a fanboy... And yes i have played Resistance, Uncharted, Motorstorm,, infact i own about half of those.

You ps3 fans are

Oh and i never said i agreed with him...i just like how you guys disagree with everything i say.

TheHater3877d ago

one fanboy of a set system agree with another fanboy of that same system. Congrats because I disagree with him. The ps3 have several games that the xbox360 don't have. Games such as Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, Folklore, The Eye of Judgment, MLB the Show 2008, Warhawk, Resistance Fall of man, Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm, etc.
If you are going to be a fanboy of a certain system, you can at least do some homework, and come up with better arguments that what you and that guy had.

Asurastrike3877d ago

lol I can disagree with him.

Bleucrunch3877d ago

I wasnt a big deal at all, OMG you people know how to create something out of nothing, do you guys play PC games then you obviously havent if your complaining about installs. Jeeze shut up already.

Genesis53877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

I don't have any problem with the installs they don't bother me. Faster loads less stress on my disk drive, for me out weigh install times.

I'm not one to just run in the door and start playing games. If I buy a game that needs to set up, I pop it in the console go about my business. When I,m ready to play it will be waiting for me.

Digital-Nitrate3877d ago

If you think Jonathan is a prime example of a fanboy, you should read Dave's responses that followed later... WOW!!! talk about the ultimate blind biased Xbot fanboy!

Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen so much FUD from a single person in one post.... ever!

wow4u3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

-free online? less option, less reliable, etc.
-blu-ray? people buy consoles to play games + people aren’t ready to buy 30-40$ movies that only works on the PS3 (or if you have other blue-ray machines in the house)
-HDMI ports are included in the elites, arcades and pros since summer 2007.
-Components and HDMI are the same as far as gaming goes, both does 1080p, don’t be suckered by Sony and other companies HDMI BS
-Free Wifi? Good point, but the wireless adapter is better on the 360
-20GB vs 60GB.. well, since PS3 owners require installs, I guess the more generous disk space is good
-External hard drive can be added on the 360, it’ll serve as a storage for music, movies, pictures, just like the PS3
-OS for PS3? Well, people have a computer for that reason, and you can only add Linux, which 99% of the world ignores it.
-2008 lineup being better for the PS3 is a personal opinion. Gears of Wars proved to be the most surprising original game this generation, and sold like it should (unlike uncharted, which should sell better but didn’t since it’s a gears of war meet indiana jones clone). There’s a far better lineup than you think: Fable 2, Too Human, Alan Wake, Halo Wars, etc. All original games or recent sequels, unlike the PS3’s lineup which consists of three main game that are in their 4+ iteration: MGS4, GT5, FF13 (or 14?). Little Big Planet might be good though.
-Failure rate for the newest batch of Xbox 360 has reduced
-Motion is practically useless on the PS3, and you have to buy an add-on/accessory for the PS3, which is still not available in North America.
-I’ll add that multi system releases are either rated equally or higher for the 360 (especially on the graphics department), and there’s considerably less or no framerate problem.

@ Killguru
1) 360 is technically inferior, but nothing, and absolutely NOTHING and NO GAMES proved to me that PS3 is more capable. There’s the blu-ray drive, but this article just proved that it’s not optimal for gaming.
2) 360 requires external battery, which means you can buy NIMH high quality batteries that will last a long time. Once your lithium PS3 batteries die, you either buy a new controller, or you break the controller in two to change it.
3) DVD has proven to be superior in quality of gaming until now.
4) What are the chances of having 7 players for a non-sports game?
5) 50$ online a year means: better online functionality, more reliable, more features, etc.
6) 360 has achievements, friend list, chat availability, etc. all in the easy to navigate menu. Home = walking for 5 minutes to get to a room for your ps3 entitlements.
7) 360’s failure rate has reduced for the newest console since last summer. PS3 has 5% failure rate, and most of them related to blu-ray/video output problem
xbox 360 1080p. Most PS3 games only have 1080i or 720p, while their xbox 360 counterpart does full 1080p (assassin’s creed and dark sector come to mind)
9) free wifi is a true bonus for the PS3
10) 360, PS3 and Wii are for gaming. Is there a reason to put 1TB of harddrive in the console? probably if you want to store your whole collection of illegal downloaded porn on your console.
11) Right, 360 not many games when you mention second rated games for the PS3 (buzz quiz? LOLOLOLOL. we have scene it, fyi)? Fable 2, Gears of Wars 2, Halo Wars, Alan Wake, Too Human, Splinter Cell Conviction and the list goes on.
12) 75$ 1st party game? from which planet do you come from?? In America, it’s 50$ or max 60$
13) the fact that developers start games on the PS3 and then porting to the 360 means that the 360 games suffered a downgrade in graphics, but still rated equally as high as the PS3 version (burnout, DMC4) and in some case, better (assassin’s creed)
14) So i get to surf the web comfortably on my Computer, and then i want to surf with a controller on the PS3. Good point.
15) PS3 40GB = 0 backward compatibility. 360 has over 500 Xbox games compatible. 80GB has a lot of issues with compatibility
16) LOL about your GTA 5 “google news”
17) morons that shake the console will scratch discs, of course.
18) thanks to the external power brick, the Xbox 360 is much smaller than the PS3 (which is larger than the original monstrous Xbox)
19) Sony at E3 will promise a lot of lies like every E3.

ps3 owners don’t even have valid arguments (except for the free wifi)

Conclusion: PS3 owners are uneducated in the gaming world. They are blinded by Sony. I’m glad that I’m on the more intelligent camp.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Here's someone who isn't informed about anyting. I'm not going to comment on all of what you said but here are some responses. The battery in the PlayStation 3 controller can be taken out by using a screw driver. It's in the manual read it some times you might just learn something.

Do you know? (what I said to someone else)

In 2008 there will be games releasing on the full 50GB space on Blu-ray discs? Resistance 2, next Uncharted, Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer (most likely), Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (uncompressed files), Killzone 2 (streaming to load levels from the disc), infamous, and most likely others I can't think of right now.

To tell you the truth I think the real power is in the Synergistic Processing Element (SPE)/SPUs to stream to compensate for the load times. I think Uncharted did that, Haze is doing the same, and Killzone 2 is doing that since they loaded the whole entire levels on the disc.

Once developers know how to do the advance streaming with the PlayStation 3 it shouldn't matter. That's partly why the RAM (Random Access Memory) is so low compared to the XBOX 360 / Nintendo Wii. Eventually all games will be streaming at some point. Crysis does that with the PC (Personal Computer).

That's why I think the developers at Crytec was surprised with the power of the PlayStation 3 (Far Cry 2) and why Epic games implamented the larger maps even with the low RAM. There was a point when Epic said they couldn't put the larger maps seen on the PC version. Then later on said it can fit it just needs to be done differently.

My guess the streaming because the levels load up in front of you like Uncharted. In Uncharted I think it's done much better because it hardly happens.

In other words the PlayStation 3 was designed to stream much better than the compition can.

For anything else just check out my blogs especially the stuff above my blogs.

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Asurastrike3877d ago

lol, he says Lair "Rocks". 'nuff said.

Danja3877d ago

umm so what exactly is wrong with Lair...did you actually play the game or your just feeding off the BS reviews ?

Asurastrike3877d ago

Yeah, I played it on my 60GB PS3. When compared to games like Uncharted or Ratchet and Clank. Lair is bad...really bad.

Danja3877d ago

hmm dats ur opinion really bad ? I dont think so...

VirusE3877d ago

Danja you are entitled to your opinion but just keep in mind you are of an EXTREME minority in regards to your opinion of Lair. 90% of the mags that reviewed the game (even PS mags) didn’t like and that hardly comes off as BS. Liking lair is one thing but giving us conspiracy theories about its reviews is another; you want us to respect your opinion of the game but you do not respect the opinions of those who don’t like it which is BS.

Rice3877d ago

I thought Lair was aight...has some few issues here and there but it doesnt deserve such a low score..just waiting for the patch...

LastDance3877d ago

Sorry danja but Lair was awful..... Games like that NEED to have deep original storylines with enjoyable characters......It didnt.

Instead i would get on my trusty dragon so that the villagers could eat lots of porridge for the next winter....


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Blademask3877d ago

If I get home, and I want to jump into the game(like ut3) I dont want to sit in a lengthy install, after time though I did install it to reduce loading times.

Epic has the best model for this. Capcom and SOny should follow when developing games that aren't streamloading.

TheHater3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Resistance fall of man was a launch title, and we wasn't force to install anything. So Capcom is BS on this again. Heavenly Sword we were force to install it.
Edit: but yeah, Epic has the correct model with UT3.

Jack Bauer3877d ago

i like the choice well over the requirement... i have a 60 gb PS3, space is limiting, i spent 500 bucks on it and no im not gonna spend anymore money on another larger hdd...i dont mind a slightly longer load time...i mean the UTIII ones were short long as multiplatform games require it on the ps3 though, my system of choice for multiplatform games will always be the 360....considering ill need the space for exclusives.

deeznuts3877d ago

Are you sure? I remember installing something when I played Resistance. I goth both a week after launch.

Frankenberg3877d ago

I got it on Sunday, it is only about 5 minutes but that seems like 1/2 an hour when you are ready to play.

UrbanJabroni3877d ago

Actually, that 5 minutes you refer to is game data being cached to the hard drive...which is, well, an install.

wow4u3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

@the hater

IT was _more_ than Capcom the authr talked to. And, he told you why the other games didnt have mandatory installs.

"developers copy their game’s data on the disc multiple times, giving the drive more areas to seek the same exact data from. Others spent time optimizing streaming techniques."

Did you even read the article?

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player9113877d ago

Mandatory Installations aren't a mystery. They're required because the games are on 50gb Blueray discs. The drives are slow. They don't make drives that can read through 50gb instantly just to find a bitmap.

Thats one flaw of the Blueray drives... just not good for archiving data. It's nothing against the technology, but just the drives are slow.

Developers have come to grips with reality and have learned to deal with it, and mandatory installations of reoccuring textures is one of them. Another method that they used previously was actually saving multiple copies of 1 bitmap in several locations across the discs.

This is nothing new and is completely logical. Until they find a way to speed up the process, it is going to be slow.

Movies and such play just fine because they act as a vinyl record where it starts on the inside and works its way out.

The slowness comes, again, from archiving and trying to locate a 4mb file on a 50gb disc. It just ain't gonna happen in a quick enough time for gaming unless you find ways around it.

Blademask3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

if it means an install here and there for shorter loading times, no biggie. Its the new standard and will be soon for anything that you need more than DVD9 for. Including mutilple DVD disc games.

If they have to read the disc in a non traditional inferior DVD way then so be it. I'm sure they will figure it out with time.

Lumbo3877d ago

Uncharted, Drakes Fortune, comes on a BluRay, looks stunning, plays without any visible load times .. and *drumroll* does not require an install ..

Sorry, you fail.

solar3877d ago

i believe the correct terminology is "epic fail" lumbo. but we will let you slide on this one ;)

DJ3877d ago

On how game development works, let alone how data is organized on the disc. Oh, and 2x Blu-ray is actually (on average) slightly faster than 12x dual-layer DVD.

Saint Sony3877d ago

"Movies and such play just fine because they act as a vinyl record where it starts on the inside and works its way out."

I guess you've never seen vinyl being played?

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undacovabrothe3877d ago

Makes it seem like there been a dozen titles with a MANDATORY install... I mean no1 can find bad sony news so they post this?? DMC only game that does this and honestly I think its just lazy coding on Capcom part. If any1 who played Uncharted knows that any install for any game what so ever is pure not neccesary. Uncharted loaded 1nce for me and thats to load my save data and then never loads again. I dont know how they do it but its so seamless its incredible.

lawgone3877d ago

I'm gonna have to guess by your picture you're a little biased. I found the article very informative and the title tells you exactly what's in the article. Had the read speed issue been brought up a year ago Blu Ray might not have seemed like the better choice over HD DVD. Most console players want to pop in their game in play it so yes, mandatory or even "recommended" installs do suck out some of the fun quotient. "Hey guys, I just got GT5 Prologue! Let's race! Well, hold says it's installing something. 1%! How long is this thing gonna take?"

And yes, I own a PS3.