Home advertisement flyer inside GT5: prologue disc case

Recently released in Europe is Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (coming to the US on April 19, 2008). The Blu-Ray disc version of the game comes with an advertisement for the upcoming PlayStation Network social community, Home. The advertisement displays the features of Home along with some of the requirements. Great to see they are getting it out.

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niall773851d ago

no news here.

move along

Meus Renaissance3851d ago

That's what I'm saying. This isnt news at all

Blademask3851d ago

Hopefully after GTAIV, Gamers will respect eachothers consoles. And we will get back to complaining about why UE3 engines are still being made into games and sold for $60.00 when there is no advancement from the previous game.

SWORDF1SH3851d ago

does it mean that its coming soon? thats the main question. i wouldnt think sony would advertise it if it wasnt but i cant see it coming out any time soon. maybe the beta may show up for e3. but thats about it

ChrisGTR13851d ago

im tired of waiting for home. i dont even care about it anymore, it can come out in 2010 for all i care. lol jk I WANT [email protected][email protected]!!

Unreal013851d ago

I could have sworn Iv already read this exact post a few days ago... :S

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