PlanetGTA Exclusive GTA IV Screenshot

PalnetGTA wrote: "Rockstar Games just passed along this exclusive screenshot to PlanetGTA: The lighting here is great. I love the little red and white lights all around, especially to the left of the shot. Is that a one hole golf course under the back wheel of the helicopter? Thanks to Rockstar for this great screenshot!"

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americanGTA4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

and awesome pic!


damn this city must be very small for the empire state building to be that close to where the world trade buildings are. 28 more days and counting

Slayer OP4248d ago

Its set in 2008. the trade centers are gone.

ElementX4248d ago

Didn't IGN say the graphics weren't very impressive?

Slayer OP4248d ago

I dont know. Didnt someone say you were a GTA hater with no fre time?

ElementX4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

I'm asking a simple question. No need to give me attitude. I read somewhere that GTA games aren't known for quality graphics however the screenshots I've seen of this game look pretty good.

This pic sucks, however. The copter looks like PS2 graphics.

I have this game preordered, so don't think i'm a hater, even though I'm drinking haterade (beer). Rockstar does quality stuff, i'm playing Bully on 360.

Slayer OP4248d ago

Ok. Sorry about that. I posted without really thinking.

gamesR4fun4248d ago

wont be as pretty as msg4 im sure but still by all accounts a true next gen game. Guess well see soon tho since we both have it preordered.
ps any issues with bully on your machine? Heard it was giving first gen owners a hard time... Also for the record Bully was more of a port than a new game so gta4 should outshine it considerably.

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mistertwoturbo4248d ago

considering the scale of this game, the graphics are impressive

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