"It was a mistake," says BBFC - Board didn't mean to publish GTA IV info

The British Board of Film Classification has admitted it made an error by publishing information about the adult content in Grand Theft Auto IV.

"It was a mistake," a BBFC representative told Eurogamer.

"We have a policy of not putting up the Extended Classification Information for a work more than 10 days before the work is released. Once we realised that GTA IV was due for publication on 29 April we took the ECI down."

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Asurastrike4242d ago

I don't really understand why this matters.

Cyrus3654241d ago

Because it acts as potential spoilers, as now we know more stuff about the game we shouldn't have discovered till playing it.

Ghoul4241d ago

because those clowns aren't allowed to hand out such information. easy as that.

ScottEFresh4241d ago

It seems like the Brits have absolutely NO idea what they are doing when it comes to rating games.

ScottEFresh4241d ago

They ban then unban games all the time. They are always the first to ban a game, even when it's being released in America. They also give out information about games they aren't supposed to (see this article).