Eurogamer: Everybody's Golf: World Tour Review

Eurogamer writes: "Everybody's Golf: World Tour seems like an anachronism: the cutesy graphics, the tiny list of gameplay modes, the three-tap control scheme, giant "NICE SHOT!" congratulations unfurling at the top of the screen whenever you connect well. It's a far cry from Tiger Woods' world of a billion characters and courses, exploding mini-games and Nike underpants.

The main one-player mode is Challenge, where you unlock new courses (there are six in total), golfers, caddies, balls and outfits as you progress. To begin with, you have just one golfer and one course to play, and it isn't until you've played through eight Challenge levels - some 72 holes, in theory - that you actually unlock another one. Equally noticeable is that the new "Advanced" control system is secretly exactly the same as the old one: you press X to start your swing, press it again when you reach the desired power, then press it one more time as your club-head meets the ball to ensure a solid impact."

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picker3324250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

The demo was fun.

May buy this,not sure yet.

I want a game that you can relax to,ya know just chill out.
Is it that kind of game or...

Asurastrike4250d ago

I want to buy the game, but I can't convince myself to spend 60 dollars on a game with so few courses.