Can you dislike Halo 3 and still own an xbox 360?

Is there any room for those who aren't Halo fanatics on the 360?

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Breakfast4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

lol...thats a dumb question...its like everyones gonna be forced to like this game. Apparently you cant own an xbox without buying halo...just forget about every other game...its all about halo. Bioshock wasnt good, Mass Effect sucked, Gears was garbage, ALL ABOUT HALO.

Halo is not the greatest game ever made, but it is the most fun I've <---ME ever had on a console

Edit: I hate when people dislike a game because of 'hype', it tears me up inside. If you dislike it because you dont like the gameplay then fine, but to dislike because of its 'hype' is just wrong.

sonarus4250d ago

Yea i have been hard on halo in the past. Mostly because of the hype. I still went ahead and bought it, i found the sp boring so i stopped playing it sometime around the point where you first get to ride the warthog.

Regardless when playing 4 player split screen or online with friends(that i actually know lol), i have to admit it is pretty fun. IMO online is more fun than COD4 on the other hand warhawk owns all but that is jst me. Not everyone likes warhawk but it is officially the longest i have played any game online.

TheHater4250d ago

Same here. I have the game, but I don't really like it. It slow, and I personally don't find it to be very fun. But hay, a lot of other games like the game, and that their choice and I don't see why people should have a problem with it. The same can be said about the people that don't Like Halo 3.

Counter Strike, Battlefield 2, and Unreal Tournament 2004 WTF!!!!

JsonHenry4250d ago

I tried Halo 3 hoping for something better than the last two titles... and it was WAY over-rated. In fact, I traded it in within a month of buying it.

Breakfast4250d ago

not over-rated...just not for you

Monchichi0254250d ago

And so do like a billion of my friends. It's like Crack to us all....can't stop playing no matter how many other games we buy. Sometimes I find myself playing all night only to have to stop because it's almost 8AM when I gotta get to work! LOL

Can't Stop, Won't Stop! Yeah, Yeah!

gaffyh4250d ago

Halo is a good game, but is way too over-hyped. It's not that great and doesn't deserve it's hype, especially seen as there are many other games that have better graphics, story and online play

Fallen_Angel4250d ago

I finally rent the game cause of the hype and am I glad i didnt buy it. It was god awful i never really cared much for fps anyways but halo isnt even that good of one.

Blackcanary4249d ago

I had it completed it and sold it on EBAY. and i can say i hated it. one thing about me is that i can't start playing game and then sale it when i haven't finished it cause i wanna see the ending and i just hated the game lol.

dantesparda4249d ago

JsonHenry, the game is way overrated. I definitely think its worst than the last 2 games. And check my gamertag if you think im bullsh!tting.

And to answer the stupid question by the website; YES!

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decapitator4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

Of course. it's all based on your preference.

Bleucrunch4250d ago

it is about preference....but it being overrated is an absolute FACT!

MikeGdaGod4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

i own a 360 but can't stand any of the Halo games. would never play it.

the real question is, Can you own a 360 and not like FPS?

Mercutio4250d ago

its impossible, I tried that, and the only shooter I played and liked for some time was GeoW. Xbox360 is for shooters.

If yuo don't like shooters and american games, then go PS3/wii. OR STFU.

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Gazman4250d ago

Yep I do, I would rather play tetris than halo 3

MetalProxy4250d ago

Hey man tetris is fun but halo on the other hand...I had more fun doing dishes.

LaChance4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

I got a 360 and dont even own Halo 3 nor COD 4 .
Simply because I dont play online.
Im a RPG , story driven solo game kind of gamer.
Solo gaming is what I care about thats why I got a 360 so I can play RPGS (WRPG's and JRPG's).
As an old PS2 owner that loves solo games the logical choice for me was to go 360 (especially with DMC4 , Last Remnant and Assasins creed going multiplatform there is absolutely no reason to get a PS3)

Yea I know you guys are going to say but...but... FF13.By the time FF13 comes out I would have played Eternal Sonata , Lost Odessy , Infinite Undiscovery ,Tales of Vesperia etc.Quantity and quality over scarcity and quality for me.

jwatt4250d ago

I was actually talking to a new guy we hired at work how I like Sony Playstatiion and he likes the M$ xbox but he was telling me how he didn't like Halo.

undacovabrothe4250d ago

base apon your taste looks to me you bought the wrong system... but thats just my opinion ima a big offline person I prefer EVERY game offline. Shooters I rather play with my friends on split and put some bots in there then go kill other ppl sports rather split ALWAYS and I luv action games/rpg games. I beat like 10 action games for ps3. There is not 1 game Id say I buy ps3 for but many which is why I thought it was worth my 600 dollars near launch. To be honest I didnt even care about blue ray until 6 months later when realized it was the next big format.

ikiru33854250d ago

eternal sonata and tales of vesperia are also coming to ps3, plus who will be saying ps3 won't have awesome rpgs of its own? final fantasy 13, ff13 vs, kingdom hearts, etc....all those are on the way. a little patience will go a long way.

with that said, i love mass effect and am looking forward to other rpgs on 360.

meepmoopmeep4250d ago


you have a strange, strange logic man.
you do know there's help out there... they're called psychologists.

bigman73874250d ago

Funny how you took a discussion about Halo 3 and worked in why you don't like the PS3.

gaffyh4250d ago

@LaChance - There WAS no reason for you to buy a PS3, but now with the big-hitters coming out soon you should get a PS3.

and ok "WRPG's and JRPG's", Mass Effect = boring pile of crap (would be good if you didn't talk soooo much, cause the gameplay is quite good), Blue Dragon = crappy looking kids RPG, and Lost Odyssey are not reasons to buy a 360. Although Lost Odyssey is quite good, I am on disc 4, although I don't like how they put most of the side-quests on the last disc, but I guess it was unavoidable.

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toughNAME4250d ago

Only 8 million 360 owners have bought Halo 3... Clearly.

toughNAME4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

It's very rare to see a non brilliant comment by me

EDIT - you have opened my mind to something totally new...i'm changing my bio

Breakfast4250d ago

"Disagree's reflect Brilliance."

Apparently you're not brilliant with all those agrees i see.

toughNAME4250d ago

That comment didn't count

TheMART4250d ago

There are 20 mln. 360's out there

8 mln. Halo 3 sold

over 5 mln. Gears of War 1 sold (at that time 10 mln. 360 users)

There are 7 mln. copies of COD4 sold on the 360 and counting

So what's your point? That the 360 sells software

BTW: I don't like Halo 3 that much.

Richdad4250d ago

ITs marketing was great and most of the 360 users didnt even had Xbox1 to remember Halo.

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